Sex on 'Tell Me You Love Me' Can Be Anything but Steamy
Sex on 'Tell Me You Love Me' Can Be Anything but Steamy
Tell Me You Love Me is attempting to push the envelope on television shows which tackle the subject of love and relationships.  With its unabashed and unapologetic depiction of goings-on behind closed doors, between the lines and beneath the sheets, Tell Me You Love Me is both shocking and refreshing to audiences.

Foremost on the list of controversial elements is its frank and stark depiction of human sexuality and its place in any coupling.  Last week, show creator, Cynthia Mort spoke openly about her use of nudity and sex scenes on Tell Me You Love Me.  This week, we hear from several of the female leads about what they think of the somewhat graphic nature of the new show.

"It's not really there to titillate you," Ally Walker points out.  "And it's not there to make you go, 'Why can't we have sex in the shower?' ... It's like reality."

She goes on to break down the various instances where the series employs sex scenes to support a premise or situation.  In most cases, Walker notes that the sexual component is either functional, a necessity or a heart-wrenching escape.

In the case of engaged couple Jamie and Hugo, played by Michelle Borth and Luke Kirby, who are experiencing anxiety and stress over the question of fidelity, Walker explains that Jamie is "having sex to hide behind because she's in pain."

For Carolyn and Palek, played by Sonya Walger and Adam Scott, the physical intimacy is a means to an end for a couple obsessed with conceiving an offspring.

"Sex, where you're trying to get pregnant ... is not hot," Walger says.

She adds that "The sex scenes are essentially scenes that have no dialogue but say as much as if they did."

For her part, Michelle Borth reiterates, "We are not porn stars; we're do the best that you can to do it authentically and honestly."

Tell Me You Love Me certainly doesn't scrimp on the truthfulness of its sexual scenarios.  Even silver-haired, 67-year old Jane Alexander does her fair share in the sack with 66-year old David Selby.

"When do you ever see people who are that age in a love scene?" Gavin Polone, Mort's co-producer questions.

"It's a treat as an actor to come to work with scripts like this," Walger stresses.  "When you are asked to dig deep down for something big - taking your clothes off or emotionally taking your clothes off - there's a sort of perverse enjoyment."

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Gannet News
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