[Video] 'Teen Wolf' Season 3 Trailer Promises New Danger and Romance
[Video] 'Teen Wolf' Season 3 Trailer Promises New Danger and Romance
Morgan Glennon
Morgan Glennon
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
The tag line for the new season of MTV's supernatural hit Teen Wolf is appropriately "Lose your mind." Well let's be honest, we're already losing our minds over having to wait until January 7th for new episodes. So perhaps this new trailer might help to tide us over.

When we last saw the Beacon Hills gang, they had just defeated Druids and alpha packs but accidentally opened a hell mouth under the town. Whoops! We knew we were in for some drama when the show returned, and it looks like the creative team is pulling out all the stops in the second part of season 3. 

Without further ado, here's the trailer that'll have us all losing our minds until Teen Wolf returns!

What We Know Now:

  • Creator Jeff Davis has said the second part of season 3 will revolve around the kitsune, a Japanese legend surrounding a trickster fox. This is our first glance at the kitsune, and some strange creatures in black masks haunting the town.
  • We get our first look at Arden Cho's Kira, and she looks like she can take care of herself.
  • Speaking of Kira, it looks like there might be some romantic tension between the new girl and Scott. 
  • Romance is in the air still between Allison and Isaac, and somehow it involves neon face paint. Sure...why not?
  • None of the kids are doing too well, especially the three who took deathly ice baths in the midseason finale. Stiles is freaking out, Scott apparently can't transform, and Allison is being haunted by the spirit of her murderous Aunt Kate. 
  • Hey, looks like Derek returned from his road trip. I'm wondering how they'll explain where Adelaide Kane's Cora went. "Oh she time traveled to 16th Century Scotland. No big!"
  • Scott's FBI agent dad also seems to be sticking around. Might he even be let in on the secret?
  • There could be some tension between Allison and her father as she starts to lose it.
  • Stiles is kissing someone in this new trailer, but after about four passes I still can't tell who. Anyone have any guesses? At New York Comic Con Jeff Davis heavily implied he'd be swiping his v-card this season. 
What did you think of the trailer? Are you losing your mind? Share your theories about what's going to happen in the remainder of season 3 in the comments! 

Teen Wolf airs at 10pm Mondays on MTV.

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