Tyler Posey Teases a Crazy Ending in His 'Teen Wolf' Directorial Debut
Tyler Posey Teases a Crazy Ending in His 'Teen Wolf' Directorial Debut
Morgan Glennon
Morgan Glennon
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Playing Scott McCall for six season of Teen Wolf wasn't always easy, but now Tyler Posey is taking on perhaps his biggest challenge yet: directing. Posey will be directing episode 13 of season 6, titled "After Images," and like most episodes of Teen Wolf, the ending is going to leave fans in shock.

"When I got an episode I knew that in typical Teen Wolf fashion there was going to be some crazy shit that happened," Posey said during an interview at San Diego Comic Con. "So I was excited to see what it was going to be. Then I finally read it and was nervous, excited and honored."

Posey was tight-lipped about the surprising moment at the end of his episode, but a good guess would be that the scene involves an action sequence. Posey talked about how excited he was to pull off not just the final scene, but the whole episode as his first directing experience. Having grown up in many ways on the set of Teen Wolf, Posey was sure that he had a safe, supportive environment in which to try his hand at directing. He said he knew everyone on set would help him and make sure he didn't fail. 

"When I read a script of Teen Wolf I always kind of envision it in my head and it's always somewhat similar to the way it turns out," Posey said. "But there are certain things that I would like to see with the show, which is why I wanted to direct. So you guys are in my head a little bit."

Posey was excited to be able to see his vision of the show on screen and thankful that he had the opportunity before the series ended. But seriously, what about that last scene? Posey wasn't forthcoming with many details, but he did mention a final shot from his episode that he was proud to translate from his imagination onto the small screen. 

"I was just excited to do that with every scene, even the last one. I did this really cool camera thing for the last shot. Right when I read it I had this thing in my head, this idea and I did it and it looks really cool. I'm really proud of it," Posey said. 

"So I'm really excited to show everybody, especially that last shot, because it's mine. I dreamt it. I had this thing in my head and I saw how this was going to go and then we did it. I'm very thankful for the opportunity."

Watch the full Comic Con interview with Tyler Posey below: 

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