'Teen Wolf' Videos: The Full Moon and Other Problems in 'Party Guessed'
'Teen Wolf' Videos: The Full Moon and Other Problems in 'Party Guessed'
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
It's full moon time again! And on Teen Wolf, that means everything is ready to go completely and totally crazy. There may even be a major death... Get a sneak peek with these two videos from "Party Guessed."

In addition to the full moon and its attendant effect on the various creatures of Beacon Hills, two other major plots have a place in this Teen Wolf episode. Lydia will be celebrating her birthday in style (we're not sure yet as to whether or not this style includes Peter Hale-induced psychoses). And Mrs. Argent will have to deal with her werewolf bite from last week. Should be interesting...

The first video, "Nothing Can Prepare Them" is a general preview clip for the whole episode. Check it out here:

  • If Teen Wolf doesn't give us a look at whatever awesomeness Stiles has wrapped for Lydia, I will be very sad.
  • I get how Jackson (probably as affected by Full Moon lunacy as the werewolves) would go nuts and want to kiss Allison. But what's up with Allison kissing him back?
  • What do you do when a creature can neither be saved nor killed?
  • Who is throwing stuff at Stiles?
  • Are there actually bunches of bloodied teens out by the pool, or are we back to Lydia's delusions?
  • Only in the Argent family would a mercy killing of a loved one be referred to as having to "run her through."
  • Oh Matt(?)... Hasn't all of your stalking taught you not to surprise Allison?
  • Full moon or not, screwing metal into Erika's head seems kind of harsh.

The second video is a clip from "Party Guessed." In it, we see Derek's preparations for his puppies' coming lunacy. Should the rest of the town be worried?

  • Is it just me, or are the new members of Derek's pack some of the more pathetic specimens of werewolf ever seen on television?
  • Derek holds onto anger to keep himself human? That means he has an anger anchor! 
  • Is the structural integrity of Derek's subway car up to the ravages of crazed werewolves?
  • Derek's nonchalant phone call to Scott is kind of wonderful.

The "Party Guessed" episode of Teen Wolf airs on Monday, July 23 at 10pm on MTV.

(Image and videos courtesy of MTV)