'Teen Wolf' Videos: Jackson Morphs into the Kanima in 'Frenemy'
'Teen Wolf' Videos: Jackson Morphs into the Kanima in 'Frenemy'
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Now that we know exactly who the kanima is, what are the kids of Teen Wolf to do about it? That's the central question to be answered in "Frenemy." Get a sneak peek of the episode from these two videos.

In the first Teen Wolf video, we get to see the beginning of Jackson's kanima morph, while Scott and Allison talk about the future.

  • So the topic of immunity has returned. Does Scott think that he himself might be able to get some immunity to being a werewolf? While this would, of course, contribute to the happy ending these two crazy kids so desperately want, it might also mean the end of the series. Obviously, it's not going to work out.
  • Ah, pledges of eternal love! Thank goodness this is TV and we can believe them. In reality, it's a little harder to accept such statements from teenagers.
  • Where exactly is Jackson while Scott and Allison are making out in the car? At the vet's office?
  • Is there a relationship between Jackson's transformation and the Scott/Allison lovemaking? Or is this just coincidental editing?
  • Handcuffs. Never useful where monsters are concerned.

The second Teen Wolf video gives us a handful of clips from "Frenemy."

  • How much of Jackson's transformation video did Danny get to see? You would think the guy would have some questions after seeing that.
  • I wonder if it's going to be important that Jackson got the bite from Derek. It didn't seem to hurt any of the others.
  • Grandpa Gerard is going to have a hard time keeping up appearances as a sweet old man if he keeps stabbing and interrogating teenagers in a creepy fashion.
  • Will Allison actually tell her father?
  • Which 16-year-old boy is Mrs. Argent referring to? Scott? Jackson? Is she likely to actually care so much?
  • Who is Jackson after? 
  • Judging from the men collapsing to the floor, I'm guessing that Jackson pays a visit to a gay bar. That should be interesting.

Will Scott and company be able to save Jackson? How can they help him? We'll find out when "Frenemy" airs on Monday, July 2 at 10pm on MTV.

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