'Teen Wolf' Videos: Everyone Gets to Express Some 'Fury'
'Teen Wolf' Videos: Everyone Gets to Express Some 'Fury'
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Life is getting very complicated on Teen Wolf. After all of last week's reveals, twists and deaths, what could possibly happen in this week's episode, "Fury?" You can get the beginnings of an answer in these two Teen Wolf videos.

The first video is a general promo for the next Teen Wolf episode, "Fury."

  • It doesn't sound like Matt is much of a fan of the various creatures running around Beacon Hills. Considering his involvement in it all, this does seem a wee bit hypocritical. But what can you expect from a deranged, monster-controlling murderer?
  • How awesome would it be if Stiles actually turned into an Abominable Snowman? He'd be great at that.
  • Only three episodes are left? That's sad.
  • Jackson is his "fury?" What does that mean?
  • So Matt shoots Scott in front of Mrs. McCall? Does that mean she is going to find out about the whole werewolf thing? Or will Scott (or, more realistically, Stiles) come up with another excuse?
  • Um, is something bad going to happen to Stiles? That is not OK. Bad things are not allowed to happen to Stiles.
  • "If I can't have you, no one can!!!" Yeah, Matt's a lunatic. Fortunately for Allison, there are other lunatics running around to save her.
  • Looks like Allison is going to get a taste of kanima venom. Yikes.

Obviously, this episode is going to be a pretty intense one. Would you like to know more? Of course you would! Here is a clip from "Fury."

  • So now that her mother is dead, Allison is in charge? Wow. Talk about a promotion!
  • Yeah that decision is all about strategy. No emotion there! Whatever...
  • Oh Mr. Argent, Scott was more than an innocent bystander. He was the victim! Not that anyone in the Argent family ever seems to figure that out.
  • Wait, is Allison saying that Scott can be killed later? That seems like a bit of a turnaround for the girl.
  • Grandpa Gerard is so proud of his newly minted little psychopath!

Would Allison actually go after Scott or the other werewolves? How crazy is Matt? What's going on with Lydia, Derek and Peter throughout all of this? Hopefully we'll find out when "Fury" airs on Monday, July 30 at 10pm on MTV.

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