'Teen Wolf' Videos: A Look at the Season 2 Finale and an Interview with Tyler Hoechlin
'Teen Wolf' Videos: A Look at the Season 2 Finale and an Interview with Tyler Hoechlin
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Teen Wolf is, alas, almost at the end of its second season. All we have left is the Teen Wolf season 2 finale and then a long wait for the (super-sized!) season 3. What can we expect? This sneak peek at the Teen Wolf season 2 finale -- plus a Comic-Con interview with Tyler Hoechlin -- may provide a few answers.

WARNING: Although there are likely to be very few major Teen Wolf season 2 spoilers left at this late date, I can't promise zero spoilerage if you watch these videos. Also, you should be cautious when viewing the informal hotness of Tyler Hoechlin in his interview. It may just be too much to handle.

A Look at the Teen Wolf Season 2 Finale

As we go into the final episode of Teen Wolf season 2, many mysteries still loom large in Beacon Hills. Can Jackson be saved? (You know, assuming he's still alive after that self-inflicted kanima wound.) What happened to Stiles after the lacrosse game? Will Allison continue shooting werewolves without pity? What's up with Grandpa Gerard's pills?

This short promo video for the Teen Wolf season 2 finale really doesn't have all of the answers we need. But it may have a few -- check it out below:

Tyler Hoechlin Talks About Derek's Second Season Issues

We can all agree that Derek is hot, right?

Sure, the werewolf might be a terrible Alpha, but when he takes his shirt off, all is forgiven. Surprisingly, Tyler Hoechlin, the actor who plays Derek Hale on Teen Wolf does not disagree with this incompetent-but-blessed-by-abs assessment.

Check out this video for what Hoechlin had to say at Comic-Con about Teen Wolf season 2 and the character of Derek.

The Teen Wolf season 2 finale airs on Monday, August 13 at 10pm on MTV. A special featuring the cast answering questions about the season will follow at 11pm.

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