5 Things to Know About the 'Teen Wolf' Season 3 Premiere
5 Things to Know About the 'Teen Wolf' Season 3 Premiere
Carla Day
Carla Day
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It's back! Teen Wolf returns Monday, June 3 for its super-sized 22-episode third season. In the aftermath of Gerard's antics at the end of season 2, Beacon Hills will never be the same. The premiere picks up four months after that dreadful night with Scott and friends entering their junior year of high school.

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Spoiler alert
: This article contains minor Teen Wolf spoilers. You've been warned.

Prepare Yourself!

Teen Wolf doesn't hold back in the opening sequence, instead it starts with motorcycle chase. Who will win? A motorcycle or the Alpha Twins? It's a well-filmed chase scene that is nerve-wracking to watch.

The payoff at the end is not to be missed. The Alpha Twins are introduced in startling fashion with a reveal that will certainly have consequences throughout the season.

Four Months Later

The show picks up four months after the events in the warehouse when Jackson turned into the blue-eyed werewolf and Gerard went missing. After Allison and Scott broke up, she left town and he hasn't seen her since. In Teen Wolf-fashion, their reunion is awkward, hilarious, and memorable.

With Colton Haynes not returning for season 3, Jackson's absence from Beacon Hills is explained early in the hour. He's still alive and out there. Who knows ... maybe he'll return at some point.

The Alpha Pack

Over the four months, Derek and Isaac have been dealing with the new Alpha Pack that arrived in Beacon Hills. Derek kept their existence from Scott to try and allow him to have a more "normal" teenage life.

The Alpha Pack includes: Ethan and Aiden, Alpha twin werewolves; Deucalion, leader of the Alpha werewolves; and Kali, an Alpha werewolf. They are on a mission and are resolved to complete it no matter who is sacrificed. 

They are a scary bunch of people. Kali is particularly creepy. The twins are extraordinary. And, Deucalion is quite mysterious.

Strange Happenings

Not that Beacon Hills has ever been normal since the werewolves appeared, but there are bizarre and seemingly unexplainable events that occur with animals. Watch for hints about what or who may be causing these peculiar actions.

Beware: There is one scene in particular that some viewers will find disturbing and heighten potential fears.

Changed, But Yet the Same

The events that occurred at the end of season 2 propelled characters in different directions and changed them. At the same time, they really aren't that much different. Scott is determined to do better at school his junior year. Scott and Stiles are as tight as ever. Lydia's with a new guy. Allison is Allison.

They have moved on from the ordeal they went through and are trying to be normal high school students. That all quickly changes though when the Alpha Pack makes their presence known.

Scott gets drawn back into that world by his mother. Now that she's in the know, it creates an intriguing dynamic between the two of them. She's his mother and wants him to do well in school, but she also understands that he has a greater purpose.

The final scene of the season premiere highlights just how far Scott and Stiles have come ... or not come.

Teen Wolf airs Mondays at 10 pm ET on MTV.

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