'Teen Wolf' Speculation: Wild Theories About the Identity of the Kanima
'Teen Wolf' Speculation: Wild Theories About the Identity of the Kanima
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
At last, we have a name for the Thing! It's a Kanima, an abomination of a shape-shifter with identity issues and a thirst for random violence. But who is the Kanima? Could a lacrosse jersey hold the answer to the new Teen Wolf monster?

Because this is Teen Wolf we're talking about, there are a whole bunch of suspects. Basically, anyone who is not a werewolf and anyone who hasn't been in the same room as the Kanima could be our killer. That leaves a lot of possibilities.

So let's discuss the pluses and minuses of each suspect.


Beyond the obvious "Why the heck is this kid with a camera suddenly in every episode?" reasoning, a few clues do point to Matt(?). The final clue is especially damning.

1. Shortly before Scott and Allison saw the Kanima in Isaac's house, Matt was nearby and saw lights inside. Why would Teen Wolf bother to show us that for no reason?

2. Matt was at the lacrosse game, wearing a jersey. But he didn't play. He just took creepy Allison photos and then disappeared.

But most intriguing of all...

3. "Kanima" is an anagram for "Aikman." Troy Aikman wore number 8 when playing football for the Dallas Cowboys. Matt wore number 8 at the lacrosse game.

(Thanks to John Kubicek for this awesome catch)

Could this all be coincidence?


Based on the promos for next week, Derek and his werewolf puppies make this choice. It makes sense. Jackson was available for every attack, now that we know his sleep video was edited. Jackson isn't a werewolf but is something. Derek said that the Kanima was essentially a failed werewolf.

On the other hand, do you really think Jackson would avoid hurting Stiles, choosing to chase Derek instead? Jackson is way too much of a jerk for that.

But what else could Jackson be? One way or another, Teen Wolf needs to solve this mystery.


Sorry. Too obvious.

On the other hand, Lydia was MIA during every attack. She survived a werewolf bite but isn't a werewolf. There's that whole broken-mirror thing. Also, she's pretty much the only character who would purposely avoid hurting Stiles. Lydia is the obvious choice.

But would Teen Wolf be that obvious? I don't think so. Moving on...

Grandpa Gerard

OK, so he didn't have the opportunity for that attack at the swimming pool. If I were a reasonable person, I'd count him out here.

But I'm not reasonable. I want Grandpa Gerard to be evil. And I want an explanation for those pills. So...

A) Grandpa Gerard is somehow controlling the Kanima, because he's evil like that.
B) The Kanima is a nastier projection of the nastiness that is Gerard Argent.

I'm OK with this being far-fetched.


Sure, Danny is too sweet and loveable to be a psychotic rage-monster in his off-hours. But any kid who hangs around the Teen Wolf bunch so much has to be a suspect. Danny the Kanima wouldn't have killed Derek, of course. He might, however, have wanted to take the pretty, pretty werewolf home for other purposes...

Random Psycho Kid

You know, the one who liked Lydia's gloves. He might have been only a random annoyance. But we never found out the Psycho Kid's damage. On Teen Wolf, it's not too far-fetched to think that his problem might be "I turn into a slimy monster at night and paralyze people with my goo."

Scott's Dad

I am convinced that this guy will someday be important to Teen Wolf. Maybe this is that someday.

A Teacher

We now have three of them to consider: the Lacrosse Coach, the Creepy Chemistry Teacher and the French-Canadian Psychologist.

(Note: I know they have names. I don't care.)

Like everyone involved in education in the town of Beacon Hills, these three people are insane. Possibly psychotic. There really isn't any other reason to suspect them, but why not? All three have opportunity. And they all have about as much motive as anyone in their killing choices.

We'll just have to see.

Who is the Kanima? Do we have enough clues to make a good guess now? Will we be surprised? Leave your comments below!

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