'Teen Wolf' Season 2: Who Controls the Kanima and More Important Questions
'Teen Wolf' Season 2: Who Controls the Kanima and More Important Questions
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Teen Wolf often has so many mysteries that it's difficult to keep track of which mysteries may be important. But there are some questions that desperately need answers from Teen Wolf season 2. These are a few of them.

Who is controlling the kanima and why?

In terms of revelations and key plot points for future Teen Wolf season 2 episodes, this is the big question. The kanima searches for a master, and someone has stepped up to the task. Who could it be?

There is one obvious answer: Grandpa Gerard. The eldest Argent couldn't have known about the kanima in advance, but you can bet he would get in on that action ASAP. Gerard is actually the only reasonable suspect at the moment (although Teen Wolf has been known to throw a curveball or two).

Gerard has motive -- if the Hunters won't wipe out the local werewolf population, maybe the kanima will. He has opportunity -- the old man was on the scene at the gay club when Danny's recording went missing. Gerard had access to the bestiary (probably for years) and thus would know how to best control a slime monster. And Gerard is creepy, dedicated and evil.

What are those pills that Gerard takes?

Speaking of Grandpa Gerard, what's up with his pill-popping? The man has taken unknown pills on-screen almost half a dozen times now. It's got to mean something.

A Few Theories:

  • He's dying. Thus the burning fixation with killing werewolves before he goes...
  • He was bitten by a werewolf (something brought up during Allison's training) and the pills somehow keep him human.
  • The pills help control the kanima. I don't know how this would work.
  • Grandpa's an addict.
  • The pills mean nothing and are a red herring to keep us all guessing.

Why did Jackson go after Danny in the club?

If the kanima only kills killers (kind of like Dexter, only with more paralytic slime), why was Danny a target?

Other than as a possible test of the Kanima Master's control, I can't think of a good reason why anyone would want to hurt everyone's favorite lacrosse player. There's no way Danny is a murderer!

Unless the kanima was not after Danny at all...

What happened to Lydia after she got bitten by Peter Hale?

Everyone on Teen Wolf has made a big deal out of the fact that Lydia is apparently immune to the bite of a werewolf. But is she?

Something is definitely up with Lydia, and it's not just normal PTSD. The hallucinations, the fugue states, the waking up in a pool of her own blood... None of this is normal. It could, I suppose, be little more than some extreme werewolf trauma... But surely there is more to it than that!

Is Lydia's Psycho Boy real?

Think about it. Who has interacted with Psycho Boy? So far, we have seen him speak to Lydia and... Lydia. (And maybe Prada the Pooch, but that doesn't count.)

Psycho Boy doesn't have a name. No one has ever referred to his existence. He shows up when Lydia is having anxiety. Psycho Boy is both damaged and obsessed with Lydia for some reason.

Could it be that Psycho Boy exists only in Lydia's mind? Is he some weird embodiment of Peter Hale? A defense mechanism?

I have no clue. And Psycho Boy might, after all, be a real boy who will soon be interacting with other Teen Wolf characters. I just doubt it.

Why have we met Matt(?), the Psychologist and Psycho Boy?

If Psycho Boy is real, why is he there? What purpose does he serve -- Lydia has plenty of tortured romance from both Jackson and Stiles. Adding in another fellow seems superfluous.

Even more problematic, in terms of purpose, is Matt(?) the camera guy. We know he's obsessed with Allison. The many photos make that clear. Matt does tend to be nearby whenever anything kanima-related goes down (he was outside of Isaac's house and he was at the lacrosse match). While flirting with Danny is awesome, this hardly seems to be enough purpose for Matt(?).

The most logical explanation is some association with the Hunters. Or maybe with the kanima. Or maybe not. As long as there is some explanation for Matt(?) and for Psycho Boy by the end of the season, it'll all be OK.

What's up with Jackson's adoption?

We've been hearing vague references to Jackson's adoption since the middle of season 1. It has to mean something.

Why else would Jackson be so angry that he wouldn't say "I love you" to his parents for 11 years? That's not a normal. Not that Jackson is normal -- the whole kanima deal proves that. But does the adoption issue relate to Jackson's monster problems? Or is there something else entirely going on there?

Hopefully, we will get answers to these questions before the end of Teen Wolf season 2. Do you have other questions about the season? What are your answers to the questions in this article? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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