'Teen Wolf' Recap: The Bloody Legacy of the 2006 Swim Team
'Teen Wolf' Recap: The Bloody Legacy of the 2006 Swim Team
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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Where did we leave off last week? Oh right. Mrs. Argent was dead. Peter Hale was not dead. Matt(?) revealed himself to be Matt(!) the Kanima Master. Basically, everything is ready to go to hell in a handbasket. Keep reading to find out just what kind of hell Teen Wolf brings in "Fury."

A Boy and His Kanima

So we already know that Matt(!) has been controlling the kanima all along. But how did that get started? Thanks to a hazy flashback sequence, we learn that Matt(!), being an obsessive pervert, had an app to watch Jackson's "sex" video back during that first change.

Matt(!) is understandably weirded out by the sudden foray into the horror-movie genre. And the weirdness only increases -- Matt(!) soon notices a kanima creeping up the outside of his car. Just at the point in the slasher film where the ax-murderer usually kills the car's occupant, everything changes.

For some reason, Matt(?) decides to put his hand on the window. The kanima does the same from outside. There is bonding and stuff.

This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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Motive? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Motive!

Because all good police work centers around high school yearbooks, Stiles and Scott use theirs to convince Sheriff Mr. Stilinski that Matt -- not Mr. Harris -- is the serial killer. Stilinski is dubious but agrees on a 2am trip to the police station for an illegal search of the evidence room.

This being Beacon Hills, where Hunters control security cameras and werewolves run free, the crew waltzes right in to check the evidence. They soon find video footage from the hospital. And Matt(!)'s weirdly distinctive cranium shows up! A little confirmation from Mrs. McCall (who was, as always, on duty when Matt(!) was there) makes everything clear.

Time to go arrest Matt(!), right? Right?

I Bet This Means the Sheriff Will Get His Job Back

Nope. That would be too easy.

Instead, we get an assault from Matt(!) and Jackson. Their attack leaves pretty much the entire Beacon Hills police force dead in bloody, kanima-ravaged piles. Matt(!) himself uses a gun to force Mr. Stilinski into the holding cells while Scott and Stiles are sent up front to wait for Mrs. McCall to come and make her statement.

The silver lining to all of this carnage? They are totally going to need to hire back the old Sheriff!

Go into the Abercrombie & Fitch Ad, Derek!

With so much blood and gore, of course we need to take a short and beautiful break. Fortunately, Derek obliges by appearing shirtless in what can best be described as an Abercrombie & Fitch ad. It's very, very pretty.

Alas, all good things -- even facsimiles of teen-clothing print ads -- must come to an end. The Vet manages to wake Derek with a dog whistle and updates the Alpha (yep, he's still an incompetent Alpha) on the situation. Since Peter is still weak, it's all going to be about cunning and manipulation. Derek, in the meantime, really needs to step up and work with Scott for once.

More important than this update, however, is some actual biography from the Vet! Apparently, he has been a longtime "adviser" to the Hale family, entrusted with the task of protecting Derek. Also, the Vet isn't a big fan of Grandpa Gerard. But who is, really?

This One's for the Bromance Shippers!

Meanwhile, back at the station, Matt(!) uses his distinct advantage to get Scott and Stiles to destroy all of the evidence of the murders. Is that enough to appease the insanity?

Nope. Matt(!) has way more plans for the night.

And poor Scott has to help. First, the kanima paralyzes Derek as soon as our hot Alpha arrives. Next up for paralysis is Stiles (mostly for being his sarcastic self). The two boys get to share some quality time on the floor together after this. They also share some quality eye contact. See?

Paralysis is totally worth this.

But Matt(!) is too crazy to appreciate the bromance of it all. He's also busy, because this is when Mrs. McCall shows up. The poor lady had to leave her never-ending shift at the hospital, only to see her darling son shot in the gut at point-blank range!

That's harsh. Even for a psycho like Matt(!). With only a few condescending comments about ignorance, the Kanima Master ignores Mrs. McCall's pleas for a doctor.

Everything That Can Be Explained Is Explained

Matt(!) wants more than the destruction of evidence. He also wants that bestiary (and knows it's not bestiality, by the way). This is because of a disturbing growth he's got on his torso. And by growth, I mean grey scales. Just like the kanima's!

Thanks to Derek and Stiles' educational and fun bonding time, we learn this is because Matt(!) broke the rules he made the kanima kill non-murderers. The universe likes to fix this by making another kanima.

This doesn't make any particular sense, but that's OK. When did the universe ever make sense?

Whatever. Since Gerard has the bestiary, Matt(!) proceeds to monologue in grand super-villain fashion. We learn the following key bits of information -- along with some Greek mythology -- in a matter of minutes:

  • The last time the swim team won State -- six years ago -- Coach Leahy got them all drunk at his house.
  • Matt(!) was there to trade comic books with Isaac and became the victim of some "harmless" pool tossing.
  • Since he couldn't swim, Matt(!) essentially drowned while the others totally ignored him.
  • Someone must have saved and revived the boy eventually, but Coach Leahy demanded eternal silence on the matter.
  • Once the killing began, all Matt(!) had to do to get Jackson to kill was take a photo. The monster killed the subject when Matt(!) wished it.

Of course, this doesn't explain how Allison has survived so long, what with Matt(!)'s stalker collection and all.

Back at the Argents' House of Insanity...

Speaking of Allison, the girl is back at home throughout all of this. Grandpa Gerard interrupts her suicide-bed vigil (seriously, I hope they cleaned up!) with Mama Argent's "real" suicide note and a whole lot of let's-go-kill-werewolves manipulation.

As always, the youngest Argent misses the creepy menace in Grandpa Gerard's voice and just gets the message of guilt. Soon, Allison is destroying the vestiges of her girlhood and readying herself for battle.

This totally works for the men. When Allison gets a text from "Scott" demanding the bestiary, she mobilizes her father and grandfather to take down the police station. Her goal? Kill Derek. And probably Jackson. And anyone else who gets in her way.

Grandpa Gerard is so proud of his little girl!

The Hunters Release Their Random Shakespearean Fury

Allison's plan unfolds quickly. The Hunters storm the police station with random and inappropriate Shakespearean quotes. Also with a lot of bullets. The bullets are more effective.

Scott takes advantage of the attack to escape Matt(!) and to stash the still-paralyzed Stiles someplace relatively safe. Then he heads back into the fight... And straight into Allison.

Awkward doesn't even begin to cover this confrontation. But they're good teenagers and pretty much just put off the inevitable "Why exactly are you trying to kill all of my friends all of the sudden?" conversation for later.

The lovers separate, and Allison soon has to fight with the kanima. Multiple arrows to the head and some stab wounds have little effect on the creature, making me wonder how they're ever going to take care of this threat. Allison sure fails.

But that's OK. Matt(!) just wants to menace her, not kill her. Not right now anyway. Paralyzed from a kanima slash, Allison has to lie there and take it while Matt(!) explains just how creepy a stalker he is.

Noise prompts Matt(!) to cut short his declarations of obsession. He leaves, and Mr. Argent shows up to carry Allison to safety.

So Mom, There's This Werewolf Thing...

The noise in question turns out to be the Once and Future Sheriff ripping his handcuff from the wall, Incredible Hulk-style. Too bad it doesn't help. Matt(!) is there in a flash to punch Mr. Stilinski and to taunt Mrs. McCall for her ignorance.

Not that the ignorance lasts long. Within seconds, a fully werewolf-ed Derek and Jackson the Kanima show up for a fight. Mrs. McCall is somewhat perturbed by this. The kanima even goes to attack her, but another werewolf pulls it off.

That would be Scott. Mrs. McCall does not take this revelation very well.

Gerard's Pills Are the Least of Our Worries

Grandpa Gerard, of course, isn't actively involved in any of this. He never is, is he? Instead, the old man takes his obviously-important pills and follows mysterious figures into dark hallways. This latter activity ends up in a meeting with Scott.

Seriously. With Scott. It seems that Grandpa Gerard's deadly threat polite request a few episodes back meant full information from Scott about Derek, Jackson and absolutely everything else. Too bad the plans aren't working out so well for everyone.

But we don't learn more. With one final drop of the pill box, Grandpa Gerard is gone.

Unbeknownst to Hunter and werewolf, Derek was just around the corner. And he heard everything. So much for trust!

Bye Matt(!)... We Hardly Knew Ya!

Even though he totally started it all, Matt(!) has soon had enough of the police-station chaos. The boy escapes into the night. But he reckoned not for the inhuman speed of Grandpa Gerard. Somehow, the old man is waiting for Matt(!) on the edge of the river.

This is bad for Matt(!). It takes only a little effort for the elderly Hunter to complete the drowning of six years earlier. And, with visions of that bygone pool party to accompany his departure, Matt(!) is soon no more.

Does this mean the kanima is without a master? Hardly. That's what the Grandpa Gerards of this world are for. Within moments of Matt(!)'s untimely end, Gerard has bonded with the kanima and become the new master.

Watching from above, Peter Hale sees it all. Is that a smile we see on his face?

And that's the end of Matt(!). Poor, unappreciated, randomly psychotic Matt(!). We'll miss you and your otherwise nonessential presence! At least we have Kanima Master Gerard to take his place.

Did you expect Matt(!) to die so quickly? How much of this was Gerard's plan? What is with those pills? And how is Peter Hale involved? Leave your comments below!

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