'Teen Wolf' Recap: Lord of the Flies
'Teen Wolf' Recap: Lord of the Flies
Morgan Glennon
Morgan Glennon
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This week on Teen Wolf, demon flies drive everyone into a homicidal rage, Argent tries to convince Derek it's bros before pyros and Scott dives into Stiles' mind to Inception him back to normal. It almost works, except no one was expecting the nogistune to just vomit Stiles out and then take off with Lydia.

"See you, suckers! Enjoy all that gauze! Also, your town has a real insect problem now, sorry about that!" 

It's down to the wire now for this season with only a few episodes left, so this episode works mostly as a bridge to get us from the Stiles possession half of the season to whatever the denouncement of this chapter will be. Which isn't to say that the episode doesn't have a lot of nice, quieter moment. 

It's just that a lot of those moments happen while someone is doused in gasoline. On Teen Wolf, being moments from incineration is what passes as a quiet moment. 

With the demon flies buzzing around and just casually strolling into open wounds and up IV's, the possession actually allows characters to work through some issues. Derek still isn't over the horrible burning death of his entire family at the hands of Kate Argent. Isaac still hasn't gotten over the deaths of Erica and Boyd, his former pack. And the twins have issues with each other, but let's be honest, no one cares about the twins. 

Love Connections

While the episode is more action focused, we do get a few nice romance moments. One of the things I really enjoy about Teen Wolf and have since the first season is the romance angle of the show. Sure, the fights and the rampant shirtlessness are fun, but there's a real truthful teenage kind of electricity to the romances. 

While the love affairs might burn bright and fade fast, like much teenage love, most of these relationships aren't overly complicated and angst-ridden. Even the Allison and Scott pairing, with all its Romeo and Juliet flourishes, is mostly based around two crazy kids who were just into each other. 

This season has been the same, with the adorable and fun flirtation between Scott and Kira leading the way. The relationships on Teen Wolf feel real and grounded and particularly sweet, even while things are getting absolutely ridiculous in the plot elements. There isn't some big dramatic reason why Scott and Kira are drawn together; he just thinks she's a cool chick. The same is true of Allison "Shoot First, Ask Questions Never" Argent and Isaac. 

Even the bond between Stiles and Lydia, the most fraught with one-sided tension, has a certain simplicity and sweetness to it. Allowing the teenagers to actually be teenagers in the midst of fighting ancient Japanese fox spirits helps the show from flying too far out into orbit. 

They might not all survive until the end of the season, of course, but for the moment I'm really loving the pacing of these relationships. It's a pleasure to watch these romances, as tentative and awkward and strange as they are, unfold. That is, of course, until someone gets foot-cuffed to a bed. Then things just get weird. 

That Buzzing Sound is a Fly Crawling into Your Face

The episode starts out with a bang as the sheriff and Argent face off against each other over Stiles. "Just let me shoot a teenager! It's the thing I am best at doing!" Argent yells, while in the background Allison steals and disables all his weapons while rolling her eyes in embarrassment. Parents, am I right? 

Stiles disappears, now fully possessed by the nogistune or the void or Toilet Paper Face, depending upon your preferred title. The nogistune formerly known as Toilet Paper Face? 

He bumps into Kira's mom where his body was buried and asks about the Kanji she's been tagging the whole town with. "Sup, girl. You looking good," the nogistune says, then grabs her last tail and cuts open his stomach. Nogistunes just flirt differently than the rest of us. 

A million black flies dart out of Stiles' stomach and go flying off in all directions. "Cool. Well, I wouldn't want to inform anyone of this potentially life saving information," Kira's mom says, packing up her kistune survival kit. "I'm gonna let my oni take care of this and go catch up on The Bachelor. That Juan Pablo is a scoundrel!" 

The flies buzz around town, loudly, and literally just crawl into everyone's everything with nary a notice. Aren't werewolves supposed to have superior senses? Aren't they supposed to be able to hear sounds from large distances away? You're telling me all these werewolves couldn't even hear a loud buzzing fly crawling into their face holes? 

The demon flies cause all of the wolves to go completely insane. "Must. Kill. Piggy," the possessed wolves say, going off in different directions to kill their own personal Piggy. 

For Derek, it's Argent, who is super sad their fledgling bro relationship is being compromised. It's like that magical night in the jail cell meant nothing to Derek now. 

For Isaac, it means going after the twins who killed a bunch of his friends. The twins, meanwhile, have problems with each other because Ethan just wants to take sexy showers with Danny and try out for the lacrosse team, while Aiden is just a collection of rage and shirtless scenes devoid of personality. 

Thankfully, Kira and Allison team up to fight against the wolves and in the process form the best crime fighting duo of all time. There is sword fighting, there is archery, there is banter and exchanging weapons. It's like Game of Thrones meets Charlie's Angels. These girls have never met a medieval weapon they don't want to stab you with. 

We haven't seen much of Allison and Kira interacting, but now I want them to go on a road trip together to an ancient weapons expo. But on the way, they fight crime and get awesome mani-pedis and gossip about Scott. Can this happen next week instead of whatever horrible fate is about to befall Lydia? I would much prefer that.

Fortunately, when Scott pulls Stiles out of the never-ending game of Go he's been playing with Toilet Paper Face, the wolves all ooze demon fly out of their face and collapse. At least no one was killed, overly maimed or set on fire. In Beacon Hills, this is considered a productive day.

Stop! Inception Time

Lydia's mental GPS leads her to Stiles' body in the middle of an abandoned parking lot. They take him back home and Deaton pumps him full of Kanima venom. "Just keeping this for a rainy day!" Deaton is so creepy sometimes. 

The venom keeps Stiles paralyzed, but unfortunately it can't do anything for his mouth. He has the nerve to step to Melissa McCall, saying Scott doesn't know the true reason why his father left. But Stiles does know because he overheard Melissa talking to his father about the situation, and never told Scott because he would hate his mom. 

Later, when Agent McCall helps postpone the sheriff's impeachment, Stilinski advises Papa McCall to tell Scott the truth. What exactly went down between Scott's parents? Did Melissa cheat? What could possibly be so bad that it would make Scott hate his completely awesome mom? I'm interested to find out more of the backstory here and I'm glad they've been shading in the adult characters during this half season.

With Derek busy being regaled with stories of traumatic Argent childhoods, the group has no choice but to call in Peter Hale for advice on all matters werewolf. Didn't Deaton used to know this kind of stuff? Do we really need to deal with Peter and his smug v-neck T-shirts? Only Papa Argent should be rocking a deep v-neck, it's his signature look. 

Peter smugs his way into the house and convinces Scott not to bite Stiles based on a tiny prophecy badly translated by Deaton. So ... what was the purpose of Little Finger and his tiny scroll? Could we have avoided that whole detour then? 

At what point does the pack just stop listening to Deaton? This is the same genius who came up with those useless ice baths. In the Teen Wolf continuum of bad planning and poor tactical decisions, Deaton has to be a full-on Derek Hale at this point. 

Instead, Peter convinces Scott to jump into Stiles' mind using his Inception claws and bring Lydia along for the ride. Inside Stiles' brain, Scott makes out with Allison (I guess Stiles is a Scott/Allison shipper?) while Lydia walks around in her bloody homecoming dress. Lydia is menanced by Toilet Paper Face, and Peter becomes afraid he'll never find out the identity of his kid. So he yells Lydia's name at her unconscious face because, sure, why not?

Both Scott and Lydia end up back in that white room with the nemeton, watching Stiles play Go with Toilet Paper Face. Since Stiles is a member of Scott's pack, Lydia says, Scott should try communicating with him in pack language. Scott's howl finally wakes Stiles up and brings him back to reality.

In reality, Stiles begins throwing up gauze in one of the more sickening scenes in Teen Wolf history. You know you have to be pretty gross to be the most disgusting thing that happened in an episode where flies crawled into open wounds, but this scene manages to make the cut. 

The pile of gauze forms into Toilet Paper Face, because the conventions of horror say the monster is never dead until you've killed it at least 50 times. But when they unravel TP Face, they're shocked to find the real Stiles underneath. 

"Look, and ye shall find that Stiles was Toilet Paper Face the whole time," says the tiny Japanese proverb Deaton never bothered to translate.

While they were busy being grossed out, no one noticed the nogistune take off with Lydia. But not before Lydia spilled the beans about Peter being Malia's baby daddy. 

Next week: Peter goes on the Maury Povich Show for a DNA test, Kira and Allison start a Riot Grrrl band and Lydia teaches the nogistune how to pick out the right lip gloss for his gauze-tone.

The Shirtlessness Count

An action-packed episode means we don't get much skin action. But this is Teen Wolf, so there is at least one fan service scene in the locker room.

The Count: Ethan in the locker room and Danny in the locker room, pre-shower sex.

Best Pecks of the Episode: This one goes to Danny, my autumn flower, because it's lame that this was his only scene in the episode. Can someone get Danny in on the supernatural action already? 

What did you think of the episode? Were you grossed out by the flies? Happy that Stiles is back again? And who do you think the death this season will be? Sound off in the comments!

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