'Teen Wolf' Recap: Death Comes to Beacon Hills
'Teen Wolf' Recap: Death Comes to Beacon Hills
Morgan Glennon
Morgan Glennon
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This week on Teen Wolf, everyone is falling apart and a seriously major character dies in a heartbreaking scene.

The Stages of Grief

This is a tough episode to talk about and an even harder episode to process. I'm writing this moments after viewing the episode and my mind is swirling with thoughts. Mostly, my mind is desperately trying to conjure up ways the show can bring Allison back from the dead. 

Because there's no way Allison can really be dead, right? Who will shoot people in the face with arrows? Who will bond with her dad over bullet casings, like the highly functional psychopaths they are? Who will have awkward conversations about demon fly possessed sex with Isaac? I refuse to believe Allison is really dead on a show where Peter popped out of the ground after a murder spree and now walks around sassing people in deep v-neck t-shirts. 

Yes, I am in deep denial. But the alternative, that the show really did kill off Allison after a season which saw little progression for her character, is just too depressing to contemplate. 

Allison Argent has always been such a tough, likable and flawed character. Someone who flies off the handle and pumps classmates full of arrows, but is also generous and funny and awkward. Allison is a great character and the show will absolutely be poorer from her loss.

In an interview with Jeff Davis, he mentioned Kira was added this season not just as a love interest, but also to balance out the testosterone-heavy show. Allison was one of three major female characters, with one of those characters being a fairly recent addition. Sure, I guess Malia is running around somewhere and Melissa McCall is around, but neither of these ladies are major players. 

Losing such a tough and remarkable female character, after a half-season where she was almost entirely sidelined, is really bad news. It's especially bad news because the show was already dangerously short on female characters before Allison got skewered.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Crystal Reed admitted to asking creator Jeff Davis to leave the show. Still, I wonder if there wasn't a better way to write Allison off other than a sword through the gut. Jackson left the show for good but got to hang out in London. Couldn't Argent have sent her away to French relatives after the season ended, leaving the door open for her to return at some point in the future? 

I'm just grasping at straws, which is a testament to what an interesting and multi-layered character Allison was, and what a great job Reed did in portraying her. 

So I'm trying to move past bargaining and into acceptance, but it might take a little longer than I thought. After all, who will hang out with Chris Argent in the Argent Weapons Emporium geeking out over bullet molds? We'll miss you, Allison.

Double the Stiles, Double the Trouble

Nogistune Stiles has taken off with Lydia, while regular Stiles is hanging around turning into a walking corpse. Is this a Picture of Dorian Gray situation? And if so, why do both versions of Stiles have such terrible hair? Haven't we suffered enough in this episode? 

Evil Stiles takes Lydia down into the tunnels where the first nogistune was killed and they mostly do nothing except run around in circles. Lydia stands by the same barred gate for 50 years, crying and screaming while Stiles licks her face. 

It turns out Evil Stiles' evil plan of evil involves using Lydia to find out when the oni will show up so he can break the last kistune tail and turn them into his own personal minions. I'm not sure any part of that last sentence makes any actual sense. 

The thing that makes the least sense is kidnapping Lydia for anything other than terrorizing and face-licking. Lydia literally does exactly zero to help Stiles in his evil plan. She tells him the oni are here for him, which he probably could have figured out by a) noticing the sun had gone down and b) simple logic. 

Then the oni show up and Lydia is like, "Yo, dude, it's the oni," which is a thing Stiles can see with his own evil eyes. And after all that, the only thing he needed to do was break the kitsune tail. Lydia must have had that, right? That's why he needed her? Nope, the tail was already in his possession. 

Thankfully, the oni conveniently give him plenty of time to take it out, twirl it around like the baton of a beauty queen contestant, tell the oni specifically that he is going to break it, draw a diagram of exactly how he will break it, write a novelization about breaking the tail, until he finally just breaks the thing. "Thanks, Lydia, for all the help!" Nogistune Stiles says to a baffled Lydia, still crying and ultimately completely useless in this whole oni switcheroo. 

Once the oni get out, all hell breaks lose. After essentially creating this whole situation, Kira's mom stands in the background the whole time doing nothing. She doesn't even offer any words of encouragement. "Thanks for all this emotional trauma, mom!" Kira says while doing backflips in the air and stabbing oni with her sword. "Anytime you want to do anything, I'll be here trying not to die." 

Allison uses her special silver arrowhead to explode one of the oni and save Isaac, but then is skewered through the gut with a sword. In the tunnels, Lydia screams Allison's name and it's tragic because their friendship was always so great and also because they've had close to zero scenes together all season. 

Allison's Goodbye Tour

In hindsight, after that conversation with her dad, it was kind of obvious Allison would be the one kicking the bucket. As much I could hope for sweet, sweet death for the useless twins, the person walking around talking about death is almost always the person about to die. It's called foreshadowing or, in Teen Wolf's universe, extremely obvious telegraphing.

First, Allison and Isaac talk about their sexing times and whether or not he was possessed by a demon fly at the time. "It that why you kept buzzing?" Isaac assures her he was the real thing and then they're awkward and adorable and fog up the car with their super weird energy. I'm really going to miss the specific type of teenage weirdness inherent in their relationship. 

Later, Allison finds her dad down in the Argent Weapons Emporium for a little father-daughter time. Wait, aren't they living in an apartment building? Where do they keep the weapons emporium now? Are they storing their extra rounds of ammo next to the janitor's closet or something? "Remember, Allison, don't put the bomb supplies too close to the boiler. That's how we accidentally blew up the last apartment building." 

Argent thinks it's finally time to show her his bullet making kit, and I've literally never seen Argent more happy than this moment and it's just the scariest thing. He's practically giddy. I'm going to miss the messed-up Argent family dynamic. 

"This, honey, is how I pimp my bullets. See how they're made of silver and have a fancy French symbol on them? Regular bullets are just way too basic." 

Allison decides she's going to forge her own path and make a silver arrowhead instead. Argent beams with pride, because if there's one thing he understands in this world it's the hair-trigger needed to shoot something until it dies. 

Allison mentions that she never got to say goodbye to her terrifying mother, and wants to tell her dad that she loves him. At this moment, the words RIP flash in neon colors over Allison's head. Argent misses the warning sign because he's misting up and imagining the daddy-daughter torture camping trips they'll take in the summer. 

Finally, as Allison lies bleeding and dying in Scott's arms, she says goodbye to her first love. The scene is deeply emotional and the show does a nice job of acknowledging the bond Scott and Allison once shared and continue to share. Just because you've broken up doesn't mean you don't still love the person. And, as Allison says, there's always a special place for your first love.

It's fitting in its own way that Allison dies in Scott's arms, since her journey on the show began with Scott. "It's perfect," as Allison said. I just wish Allison hadn't had to die at all. 

Elsewhere Around Beacon Hills...

-- It looks like there's another banshee in Beacon Hills. Meredith escapes from Eichen House and listens to strings on the piano just like Lydia once did. She hears that Lydia doesn't want them to come looking for her, but sadly the gang doesn't take this reasonable advice. 

-- Kira's parents try to teach her the game Go, but Kira is too busy trying to not die to learn a new boardgame. Why couldn't the nogistune just play Candy Land

-- The twins get shot with wolfsbane bullets and Derek saves them, because I'm never getting rid of the twins, no matter how many times I put it on my intention board. Derek drags the bloodied twins back to his apartment, where they just spew blood all over his new furniture. Derek is never getting back his security deposit. 

-- We find out why Agent McCall left and it has very little to do with Melissa like the last episode led us to expect. It turns out he knocked little Scott down the steps after a drunken argument with Melissa and she rightly kicked him out. Scott also points out that nothing was keeping him from returning and making good for the last million years, so Agent McCall can get to stepping as far as he's concerned.

-- After being shot in the stomach with an arrow and getting a $10,000 hospital bill, Coach Finstock gets a solid win when he gets to taser a stupid jerkface from Eichen House.

-- No shirtless count this week, as we are in mourning for our dearest and most beautiful Allison. Also, because everyone kept their shirts on this week. There's a lot to be sad about this episode.

What did you think? Are you shocked and saddened by Allison's death or were you ready to see her leave? Are you also imagining ways to bring her back or should I paddle that boat in denial all by myself? Share your thoughts in the comments! 

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