'Teen Wolf' Recap: Best of 'Formality'
'Teen Wolf' Recap: Best of 'Formality'
So it's the big dance this week on Teen Wolf (it is always a big dance in high school, isn't it?) and Alpha and the Argent clan are both ruining Scott's life. Alpha is looking for Derek, who's still in Auntie Kate's torture basement. And all of the Argent clan figures out Scott is a werewolf.

Top Five Moments:

5. Kate: Kate is pretty much a first-class villain. She has fun with it and feels no remorse. I suspect that she is a sociopath. Also, Derek and Kate used to have sex all the time! There WAS some sexual tension; I thought Kate was just being overtly sexual! Apparently Derek fell in love with her (still wrinkling my brain on that one) and inadvertently helped her kill his entire family. No one wonder he's always brooding.

4. Stiles and Lydia: They are really adorable and tragic. Allison manipulates Lydia to go to the dance with Stiles. Stiles tells her she's beautiful and that he's probably the only one who knows how smart she is. They dance until Lydia needs to go find Jackson because she's worried. Lydia gets attacked by Alpha, and Stiles has to beg for Alpha not to killer. As much as I love these two, they seem doomed.

3. The Vet: Remember a time when we were convinced the vet was Alpha? Or working with Alpha? I think that theory is shot considering he faces off with Alpha and helps Scott. So who is this man? Will we find out in the season finale or have to wait for next season?

2. I love you: Scott admits his feelings to Allison in that earnest way Scott says everything. It's an even sweeter moment because he does it at the school dance. It feels so ordinary and high school in a show about werewolves. Of course, the 'I love you' scene means so much more when you factor in Alison's reactions about werewolves.

1. Allison's Reactions: The first one--with Allison freaking out just like her parents assumed--made Allison relatable and fragile. Of course, not everyone finds out that werewolves are real, so understandable. But then the second one is literally shown right in front of her; she's horrified that Scott is the werewolf she and her family is hunting. Her reaction is the first and last of the episode. And hopefully she would be

It's the season finale next week! According to the trailer, not everyone makes it out alive. Or human...

Emily E. Steck
Contributing Writer

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