'Teen Wolf' News: MTV Confirms That Colton Haynes Will Not Return for Season 3
'Teen Wolf' News: MTV Confirms That Colton Haynes Will Not Return for Season 3
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Sorry guys. Any hopes that we all had about Colton Haynes returning to Teen Wolf for season 3 must now die. MTV has confirmed that this is indeed the truth.

Rumors began to surface on Thursday, October 11 that Colton Haynes, who plays Jackson Whittemore on Teen Wolf, would not return for the show's third season in 2013. But on Thursday, this news came only from unconfirmed sources and from Colton Haynes' Twitter account. MTV and Teen Wolf executive producer Jeff Davis both made statements contradicting the departure.

Not anymore. Late on Friday, October 12, MTV released the following statement on the show's official Facebook page:

"We were just as surprised and disappointed as Colton's fans to read out about his decision to leave the show. We want him to return for a third season, as he has for the past two, but if this is his decision we respect that and will wish him all the best. We are excited for what Jeff Davis and producers have in store for our incredible cast in the upcoming third season."

That is all that MTV seems to be willing to say at this point. As for Jeff Davis, he only promised (via Twitter again) to answer any questions fans had at the New York Comic-Con Teen Wolf panel on Sunday, October 14.

So why is Colton Haynes leaving Teen Wolf? The details are still super sketchy, but more of those mysterious sources have been giving some vague reasons. PerezHilton.com reports unnamed sources as placing the blame on MTV and Jeff Davis:

"Colton wants to stay on the show badly. Apparently, [show creator] Jeff Davis is being irrational... He wanted to cut his episodes to 12 instead of 24... And with that, NOT have him in the first 6 or the last 6 eps which makes NO sense unless you don't like someone. It is like death and during those 12 he is not in, they wouldn't let him do a movie or anything else... They are PISSED that Colton did the Leona Lewis video... since MTV doesn't do videos anymore."

You might want to take these sources with a grain of salt.

But whatever the reasons and whatever the explanations, the outcome looks the same. Colton Haynes -- and therefore Jackson Whittemore -- will not return to Teen Wolf season 3.

Why do you think Colton Haynes decided to leave? How will the show deal with Jackson disappearing? Leave your comments below!

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