'Teen Wolf' Recap: The Best of 'Wolf's Bane'
'Teen Wolf' Recap: The Best of 'Wolf's Bane'
Here's your five best moments from tonight's episode of Teen Wolf, "Wolf's Bane."

Derek's a fugitive now for humans and hunters. The creepy chemistry teacher isn't Alpha, but is associated with Alpha. Jackson is hallucinating nightmare stuff again, in his sleep and at the doctor's. Jackson has wolf's bane poisoning? Jackson figures out Scott's a werewolf; he blackmails Scott to make him a werewolf or else he will make the moves on Alison. Alison can't trust Scott anymore and can't be friends with him. The Hale House fire is heavily hinted to be an Argent woman. But none of this is important since Alpha is revealed to be Derek's previously paralyzed uncle!

Best Moments:

5. Cold Open: Normally, this show goes for sexy/scary/suspenseful in the first few minutes of each episode. The creative team mixed it up tonight with some good chase sequences on foot and by car. Though the action came out of nowhere from last week, it was much appreciated and set the tone for this week's episode.

4. Jackson: The best villains are the ones who are having fun being bad and the ones who are most relatable/sympathetic. Jackson is a good villain/foil because he is both. He genuinely enjoys being bad. Kudos to Jackson for figuring out Scott is a werewolf. He was having so much fun blackmailing and teasing Scott. As much as I love Lydia, Jackson dumping her was for the greater good. It was hinted tonight that Jackson could become a werewolf, but last week's full moon proved otherwise. So are the hallucinations a product of being half of a werewolf? I don't know, but Jackson is damn right entertaining now.

3. Cousin Miguel: The scene in which Stiles is harboring Derek/Cousin Miguel in his room is quite funny. Danny, Jackson's best friend and computer whiz, is talked into tracing the IP address. Danny notices the blood on Derek's shirt and Derek must now change into Stiles' clothing. Danny is checking out Derek's bod (who wouldn't?) and Stiles notices. Later, Derek slams Stiles' head into the steering wheel because Stiles knows what he did. These two together are great.

2. Hale House Fire: The chemistry teacher Harris is a big old drunk; some girl got him drunk and he told her how to commit arson easily. The wolf symbol on the necklace was what the girl was wearing and all he can remember. Laura Hale, Derek's sister, was investigating this before her death. So who is responsible for the fire? An Argent woman! The show implied that Kate is EVIL. Her speech about killing for a reason? Kate's a killer. A killer who will be training/informing sweet Alison about werewolves--not good...

1. Alpha is... Derek's uncle? That was a good twist. No one suspected him since he had less brain activity than vegetables. It was revealed that Alpha has slowly been regenerating and healing all these years and that he was driven by animal instincts to kill. And that nurse was actually important!


- Did you predict who Alpha is? Was it a good reveal?

- Random stuff: who killed Laura Hale/can she regenerate if that symbol is not above her corpse? Why is Kate in town? How excited are you for the conclusion to this season?

Emily E. Steck
Contributing Writer

(Image courtesy of MTV)