'Teen Wolf' Heads to MTV this June
'Teen Wolf' Heads to MTV this June
In case you've had enough of vampires already, MTV is offering you a pack of werewolves instead. They've announced their reboot of the cult classic Teen Wolf, and this time it's going to be a whole series devoted to it.

Playing the lead in Teen Wolf is Tyler Posey, known for his work on shows like Smallville and Brothers and Sisters. His character is called Scott McCall and he's your average loner, except he plays lacrosse and likes wandering about looking for corpses in the woods.

One night, as Scott searches for a dead body, he gets attacked by a werewolf. He survives but is bitten, which means he's bound to undergo transformations that will soon turn him into the Teen Wolf everyone's talking about.

Scott won't be alone in this terrifying ordeal though. He finds out that the werewolf who bit him is named Derek (Tyler Hoechlin), and he bit Scott for a reason. Hopefully he won't set his eyes on Allison (Crystal Reed), Scott's love interest.

Teen Wolf also stars Dylan O'Brien as Scott's best friend Stiles. Of course there's also the resident antagonist, top lacrosse player Jackson (Colton Haynes), who will no doubt target the already miserable Scott.

Other members of the cast include Keahu Kahuanui, who plays the openly gay Danny, Jackson's best friend. Adam Fristoe has also been tapped to play Mr. Harris, the school's chemistry teacher.

If the series has piqued your interest already, check out the trailer for Teen Wolf below:

This version certainly looks darker and more graphic than the original Teen Wolf movie starring Michael J. Fox. It's also a big leap from the animated series they cooked up in 1986.

The question now is: Will it be able to surpass the level of success those two have achieved? We'll just have to wait and see when Teen Wolf premieres June 5 on MTV.

(Image and video courtesy of MTV)