'Teen Wolf' Finale Spoilers: Final Battles Bring Death and Evolution
'Teen Wolf' Finale Spoilers: Final Battles Bring Death and Evolution
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
The Teen Wolf mid-season finale begins with several cliffhangers from last week's episode and most of them are answered in "Lunar Ellipse."  Ms. Blake has the "guardians" tied up in the root cellar, the teens "died" to find them, and the Alpha Pack is after Derek. The result is a suspenseful, action-packed hour. Be prepared to hold your breath, cry, and perhaps even scream.

Spoiler alert: This article contains Teen Wolf spoilers and clips. You've been warned.

There's no shortage of heroes and villains in Beacon Hills. In "Lunar Ellipse," sides will be switched and unorthodox alliances made. The result is that a few characters my not return when Teen Wolf season 3 resumes in January. Why? Expect deaths that will stick, while others may leave town.

During their "deaths," Scott, Stiles and Allison will experience an out of body experience that is breathtaking to watch. Remember to breath! And, that's not the only time you will need to remember to breath throughout the finale.

The Alpha Pack hasn't given up on their desire to take down Derek. This leads to a fight that will bring this war to a conclusion ... at least temporarily. And, Ms. Blake, the Darach, has several scores to settle, which leads to even more battles

If you are a fan of Teen Wolf fight scenes, you will love the finale! All the conflicts come to a head. Plus, Scott's reunited with his estranged father. Yeah, it doesn't go well. 

The finale is an epic conclusion to this chapter of the story, while setting up the framework for second half of a season. 

For more on the Teen Wolf finale, check out the trailer!

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Highlights from the preview:

  • "What do you want from me?" - Lydia
    "I want you to scream." - Ms. Blake
  • "Who wants to go first?" - Ms. Blake (She's on a rampage throughout the episode.)
  • Derek's healed enough from curing Cora to battle.
  • A shirt comes off!
  • Scott holds up his agreement to work with Deucalion against Ms. Blake.
  • "The guy that calls himself 'Death, Destroyer of Worlds,' we can trust that guy?" - Isaac
  • "It's just you and me against her?" - Scott
    "I think you'll be surprised by what a good team we will make." - Deucalion
  • "You want me to run?" - Derek
    "If you want to fight and die for something, do it for something meaningful." - Cora
  • "Do it! Become the Alpha you are meant to be. Become a killer." - Deucalion 
  • Scott becomes an Alpha! Did he kill? Or, become a natural Alpha?
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