MTV Posts Page 1 of the 'Teen Wolf' Season 3 Script
MTV Posts Page 1 of the 'Teen Wolf' Season 3 Script
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
We have a long wait until Teen Wolf season 3 begins. With no set premiere date for the next season, this may be a long, hard winter for fans of MTV's supernatural show. But now we at least have a glimmer of hope shining through the darkness: Page 1 of the Teen Wolf season 3 script has been released. And you can see it for yourself here!

WARNING: There are definitely Teen Wolf season 3 spoilers in this article. That's what happens when you read the script, after all. Read further at your own peril!

So what happens when Teen Wolf returns? Check it out for yourself below.

If you're having trouble reading the text here, MTV has posted the script on their own site.

What do we learn right at the beginning of Teen Wolf season 3?

  • The first scene takes place in some sort of industrial garage. They have a lot of those in Beacon Hills.
  • Someone is bleeding and unconscious. That someone is Isaac. Is he going to be even more important this season? Or is he going to die? The opening scene makes it look like things can go either way.
  • There's a new girl in town. Is she a member of that weird all-Alpha pack? Or do we have more villains to worry about?
  • Isaac has puncture wounds in his next. Surprisingly, this does not seem to signal a turn to vampires on Teen Wolf. Thank goodness.
  • Someone has clawed Isaac in the neck. This has something to do with either sharing memories or stealing them. Is that a werewolf thing? Or is this another sign of a new creature?
  • If the girl is "surprisingly strong," do we think she is a new werewolf? That would be cool.

The larger question about this scene deals with how Teen Wolf gets to this point. After all, when we last saw Isaac, he was hanging out with Derek and Peter. Obviously the boy has gotten into some trouble since then. That means the scene is either a flashback or something that will need to be explained as the first episode continues.

Whatever the case, it looks like Teen Wolf will be as bloody as ever in season 3!

Do you think there are new monsters? Does Isaac stand a chance? Do you want him to survive? Who (and what) is this new girl? Leave your comments and theories below!

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