'RHOBH': Taylor Armstrong Defends Bizarre Parenting
'RHOBH': Taylor Armstrong Defends Bizarre Parenting
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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Last night's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills took a turn for the bizarre when Taylor Armstrong was seemingly unaware of her six-year-old daughter's whereabouts as she took a plane to a romantic escape for a tryst with a married man. Not to mention, Taylor seemed to be in her what-now-seems-constant state of inebriation. Yikes.

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While her castmates expressed their concern behind her back (but to the camera, naturally), now Taylor is defending herself on her Bravo blog.

"This week's episode makes it look like I wasn't keeping track of my precious Kennedy. Nothing could be further from the truth. And Kyle knows it," Tayor wrote.

Taylor went on to explain that Kennedy was in the care of her nanny when Kyle Richards stopped by their home and suggested she take Kennedy and Kyle's daughter Portia to Kim's party. Taylor's nanny then made the decision, since Kyle is such a close family friend, to hand Kennedy over to Kyle.

"Kyle is one of my closest friends and she truly has been like a second mom to Kennedy. The nanny was very aware of the strong bond between our families and knew I would have complete confidence having Kennedy with Kyle and family," Taylor said. "I was not called which was unacceptable. I was shocked on the phone to hear Kennedy was at Kim's because that was not the specific instruction and plan we had for the weekend. I take my responsibility for Kennedy more seriously than anything. Kyle knows this well, and I am hurt she didn't communicate this and the facts of the evening when the girls were discussing it at the table at Kim's."

Taylor does have one thing to own up to, and it's what has been troubling her all season (and a great deal of last season as well).

"As for my being 'tipsy' when I phoned, I was. I had been at a business meeting all afternoon and then met my friend, business adviser (and ultimately my boyfriend) John at the Peninsula hotel for a late lunch," she said. "When I saw Kim at the White Party, she acted as though I missed her wedding. I mean, honestly, if I went to a party for every friend that gets plastic surgery in Beverly Hills, I would never sleep."

That's really sensitive of Taylor, considering the party wasn't just to celebrate Kim's new nose, but also to celebrate her sobriety. How petty.

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