Taking the Stage
Taking the Stage
Talent takes the stage on MTV's Taking the Stage, which follows the lives of high school students at the School for Creative and Performing Arts in Cincinnati, Ohio. Their careers and their futures are at stake here, but they just can't speed up to the spotlight. They have years of work ahead of them, and it's all recorded on camera.

On the first season of the show, we met dance major Tyler Nelson and watched him navigate his studies and relationships with his friends. With so much admirable abilities within the school, everyday is a contest. Drama festers in every corner and the struggle is part of it all, but it's the only way to get through.

Joining Tyler on his journey are fellow dance majors Anna Flinchbaugh and Emily Silber. There are also those training for their voices, like Adam Calvert and Emily Sones. Meanwhile, the theatre should prepare itself for drama major Carlton Totten, and of course Technical Theater major Ian Watts.

Singer Mia Carruthers, a graduate of the Instrumental Music department, might also be around to cause some trouble for the group. Since the first season of Taking the Stage, she's managed to start a feud. But on the second season, she got along well with Tyler as he took on his senior year of studying.

But with the Mia problem covered, there are more teenage crises in store. Joining the cast is an aspiring rapper, a pop country singer, and a Mia double. Tyler has his hands full with that, in addition to his education, so it's bound to turn into a convoluted web that only TV shows are made of.

Taking the Stage is produced by actor and musician Nick Lachey, an alumnus of SCPA. He's appeared on the series in the past, but this time it's the kids who will be under the limelight. There won't be a lot of space though, so these star wannabes will certainly have a tough competition on their hands.

Source: MTV
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