Katie Leclerc and Vanessa Marano talk Daddy Issues and Love Triangle on 'Switched at Birth'
Katie Leclerc and Vanessa Marano talk Daddy Issues and Love Triangle on 'Switched at Birth'
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When Switched at Birth returns with new episodes, more drama unfolds thanks to the unresolved love triangle between Bay, Emmett and Daphne. But that's not the only major story arc the second half of season 1 has to offer since there's also the arrival of Bay's biological father Angelo. In a recent interview, Katie Leclerc (Daphne) and Vanessa Marano (Bay) talk about what fans can expect on the show and who they think should be with Emmett.

On what's in store for Bay and Daphne in the second half of Switched at Birth season 1:

V. Marano: What's in store for Bay Kennish in the second half of season one is she kind of is making a decision whether or not to give up street art.  There is a situation that she runs into where it almost costs her something pretty major in her life and that makes her start thinking about well, is it really worth the risk of illegal activity?  And decides something that--it's an interesting thing for her because it's a big part of her that she has only shared with the two men of her lifetime and it's a big part of her identity that she must be losing.

K. Leclerc: For Daphne there's a lot of rebuilding for her and Angelo to do, or building to start.  It's not even rebuilding.  She needs to get over a lot of things in regards to him and she really starts to figure out what it is she really cares about and what it is she really is going to go after.  

She's a very competitive person and I've also gotten to play a lot of basketball so far this season.  So, that's been a lot of fun.  That comes with new friends and new lessons to learn.

On what they like best about Daphne and Bay:

V. Marano: What I like most about Bay is that people don't always love her.  She's kind of difficult.  She's a little bit socially awkward almost.  She says what's on her mind without really thinking about it.  She has a sense of humor that a lot of people don't get and she really just genuinely wants to be loved and accepted by people but she has a really hard time with it.

K. Leclerc: My favorite thing about Daphne is that she's never a victim.  She is a normal high-school girl who struggles with boys and she gets good grades and she plays basketball and she has all these day-to-day activities that anyone can relate to.  No matter who you are, you can relate to it; the struggles, the ups and downs, and oh, by the way, she happens to also be deaf.  It's almost secondary to the rest of her life.  She thrives in people and not in sorrow and wallowing in what some people might see as a huge challenge.  But she gets over it.

On what attracts viewers to Switched at Birth:

V. Marano: I think it's because it's so relatable.  There's a character for everybody to relate to.  You're a Daphne, you're a Bay, you're a Kathryn, you're a Regina, you're a John, you're a Toby, and you're an Emmett.  I think that what really resonates with people is that there are so many story lines and to top it off, you're learning about culture and community that a lot of people weren't introduced to beforehand.

On how Bay and Daphne will deal with Angelo's return this season:

V. Marano: They deal with it really differently.  Bay has, the sane half of her that she for 16 years didn't realize she was going to have.  She just wants him to be awesome.  Wants him to love her and in a way, she even wants him to accept her more than he does Daphne.  Because in the long run, everybody has accepted and loved Daphne and while everybody accepts and loves Bay, it's a little bit harder to get to know Bay.  She just wants the Angelo thing to work and she wants him to live up to her expectations so much that she is almost blinded to anything negative about him.

K. Lecler: Daphne never had Angelo in her life but she had a place to put every ounce of anger, every ounce of distrust in humanity, every negative.  Daphne is a very optimistic person but I think it is a result of her stashing away every negative feeling she ever had and blaming it all on Angelo, and at the same time, blaming all of his decisions on herself because she has guilt and anger and sorrow and loneliness and so much to deal with, with him.  There is a lot of rebuilding to do.  So I think it starts slow and you have to take him with baby steps.  

On which character should be with Emmett:

V. Marano: This might be a little bit hard for both of us.  Because I know that Katie is Team Bay and Emmett and I'm a little bit Team Daphne and Emmett, which is weird. I think Bay and Emmett belong together because they both have very similar views on the world and they both care enough about each other that they're kind of stepping outside of their comfort zone to learn a different language or to speak.  Which both of them I don't think would have done under normal circumstances but they care so much about the other person that they're going to do that.

The reason why I think Bay and Emmett don't belong with each other is that they have very similar views on the world and it's almost too similar.  I don't know that they balance each other out enough.

K. Leclerc: I think Daphne and Emmett should be together because Emmett saves Daphne.  I think she will always have this adoration for him that will be unquenched by anyone else because he was the person who showed her who she could be with the deaf culture and introduced her to a language and a people that she really very much is a part of. And they shouldn't be together because it's really hard, I think, to make the transition from best friend to relationship and especially, I think, in high school.  I think the long-term final outcome would be that maybe they wouldn't end up together, finally. I don't know.  

Switched at Birth returns Tuesday, January 3 on ABC Family. 

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