'Switched at Birth' Teasers: Breakups, New Romances and a Marriage Shocker
'Switched at Birth' Teasers: Breakups, New Romances and a Marriage Shocker
Switched at Birth returns tonight to kick off the final eight episodes of season one. Don't worry, then it will be back for season two.

For a quick recap, at prom Emmett confessed to Bay that he slept with Simone and after first saying no, Wilke did take Daphne to the dance before being shipped off to boarding school. Regina went to visit Angelo who could be deported and was later told that the only way to keep him in the country was if he marries a U.S. citizen. As for Kathryn, she went to the hospital with Craig to interview someone who worked there during the switch and on the way back the car broke down leaving them alone to share a moment together that they immediately regret.

So what's to come? Both Vanessa Marano and Lea Thompson spoke with reporters gave us some teasers.

Bay and Emmett
The way Bay stormed off, leaving the dance, it was pretty clear they're broken up. But for how long?

Marano: In the premiere coming back there's a lot of denial until finally the climactic scene of the premiere episode where she just lets [Emmett]  have it, and that's kind of the overall tone of the season is her struggling with accepting what Emmett did.  Accepting that she's in pain about it and accepting a way to forgive him.

Marano on getting back together: I don't think Bay and Emmett should necessarily get back together, especially right away.  I feel like there's a lot of betrayal that happened that she needs to work through, and I think a big thing that she could teach herself and teach to him is maybe a way of finding friendship without necessarily a relationship.  Like the ultimate test of forgiveness is I can still have you in my life; maybe not in the same way but in a way that still shows friendship.

New Romances

Marano hints at new love: Emmett gets introduced to a different love interest this season so we'll see what happens because--  let me put it to you this way -- a cute deaf girl comes into the mix and just saying.

Marano on Bay:  [Bay] falls into the wrong crowd, and there's a particular character that she gets introduced to who has a major bad influence on her so a little bit of bad Bay which is a lot of fun.

Kathryn's Marriage
We saw in the last finale that this young lawyer could be trouble. Plus, she's about to release her new book that will undoubtedly reveal a few upsetting family secrets to the public. Lea Thompson explains what her character will be going through. 

Thompson: [Kathryn's] got a little bit of limelight, and it definitely shakes things up. I think there's a lot of ups and downs within their marriage, and also there's a young lawyer that's helping them with the case against the hospital and he takes a little bit of shine to Kathryn, which is so surprising to her, she hasn't really thought of herself that way for a long time, so that's also kind of a shock to their marriage.

Bay and Angelo
Trusting Angelo seems to be hard for all the Switched at Birth characters but they all have a soft spot for him. Bay quite possibly needs him the most.

Marano: I think [Bay's] always rooting for him to come around or be the changed person that he says that he is.  She's kind of like the only one who is still on Angelo's side.  She just wants him to pull through, especially now with breaking up with Emmett it's like the saving grace for her.  It's the only thing that she's looking forward to is him hopefully staying in the country.

Other Teasers
-We've seen the teaser of Regina in a wedding dress. How far is she willing to go to keep Angelo in the country?

-Bay will focus on her street art again

-Kathryn has a book party in the premiere and Bay's "opinions about the book get illuminated," says Marano.

-The lawsuit against the hospital will come to a head this season. Thompson also teased that "at the end of these eight episodes there's a big surprise at the trial that Kathryn does that I was very surprised about."

For even more on what's to come check out this video of Lucas Grabeel giving a sneak peek of the fall premiere.

Switched at Birth returns Monday September 3 at 8pm on ABC Family. You can set a reminder to tune in with the free BuddyTV Guide app today. Learn more here.

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