'Switched at Birth' Season 1 Guide: The Love Triangle
'Switched at Birth' Season 1 Guide: The Love Triangle
In the first half of Switched at Birth's pilot season, Bay Kennish and Daphne Vasquez found out that they were switched at birth. Bay grew up rich and lived in a mansion with parents Kathryn and John while Daphne grew up in a tiny house where mom Regina struggled to pay the rent. After the meeting of the two families, Regina and Daphne moved into the spare guest home that Bay's parents own. The girls and their families were forced to embrace their new living situation but getting along is easier said than done especially when secrets about Regina come to surface and the girls become rivals in love. 
What to Expect on Switched at Birth Season 1 

There isn't a lot to know yet about the second half of Switched at Birth but ABC has confirmed that it has ordered 22 new episodes that will begin airing in January of 2012.

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And while details are scarce, we can always speculate about what might occur on Switched at Birth: Regina, who left the house to stay with Melody at the mid-season finale, will hopefully return and bond with her real daughter Bay. Daphne is also expected to have a closer relationship with real parents John and Kathryn, who has improved on her sign language skills. 

The most controversial story arc for Switched at Birth season 1, however, is the Bay-Emmett-Daphne love triangle. Now that Bay and Emmett are officially dating, Daphne, who has realized that she's been in love with Emmett all this time, is determined to get back the love of her life. Will Daphne win Emmett? And will Bay give him up? Fans will find out when the show returns next year. For now, it looks like Daphne will try to move on with her life by kissing another boy's girlfriend

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