'Switched at Birth' Interview: Gilles Marini Teases More Storylines Coming for Angelo
'Switched at Birth' Interview: Gilles Marini Teases More Storylines Coming for Angelo
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
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ABC Family's hit show, Switched at Birth continues on Monday, February 4, with an episode called "The Acquired Inability to Escape." During a set visit last month as part of TCA 2013, BuddyTV caught up with Gilles Marini who told us about what fans can expect from Angelo during season 2. 

Here are some excerpts from the interview. 

"Marlee only taught me the dirty words."

Asked about what it was like to learn sign language, and if Angelo would be doing more of it, Marini said, "My character does not know, and has not, at any time in his life, emerged himself into the sign language world. But he is trying really hard now to get into Daphne's life, so I think he's going to work toward learning more sign language. That's what they told me not long ago. It's exciting."

But apparently Marini has learned a few things from co-star, Marlee Matlin. "Marlee only taught me the dirty words, but because she has an Oscar, she's allowed to."

Learning to sign on the Switched at Birth set is made easier with a lot of people there to help. Marini said, "A lot of people are here. We have someone called a Master Interpreter, and we do use them to be just very, very correct. But every day on this set there are twenty to twenty-five people who are deaf. So if you want to learn anything you just ask them."

In fact, Marini had just learned a new sign that morning. Over lunch he showed us how to sign "sexy monster."

"There is much more of a storyline when it comes to my character."

Angelo hasn't been in as many episodes as some of the other characters, but that's apparently going to change in season 2. Asked about Angelo's storyline this season, Marini said, "It's actually much bigger. There is much more of a storyline when it comes to my character. They're very clever storylines, so I'm very excited. I just got news that I'm not even allowed to share with my co-star about what's going on next." 

Marini also added, "This season is going to be such a roller coaster. My character makes a lot of mistakes again."

But one thing that won't happen anytime soon is Angelo moving in with Daphne and her mom. "That is not what is going to happen because [Angelo] got so much money in that lawsuit that he has his own place. [And] there is a baby on the way, so they are not thrilled with that."

One thing Marini would like to do is work more with his co-star, Sean Berdy. Asked about the young actor, Marini said, "I have this great relationship with the very talented Sean Berdy. I love this kid and he deserves the world. He's just the sweetest guy."

"That would be cool to bond with Sean's character."

When asked if they have a lot of scenes together so far in the season, Marini said, "Not really, but I've been pitching something to [creator Lizzie Weiss]. You know people pick on people who are deaf; bullying and whatnot. I want do a scene where I see a scuffle, where Sean is getting attacked by those guys and I come out of the car and we destroy them. And then the next thing you know, we have a big secret because something went wrong during that fight. That would be a cool story, right? Like someone ended up in the hospital. That would be cool to bond with Sean's character." 

What do you think now that you've heard more about this season of Switched at Birth? How are you enjoying season 2 so far? Do you hope that we'll get to see more of Angelo as the season continues?

Switched at Birth airs on Monday nights at 8/7C on ABC Family. 

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