'Switched at Birth' High Five: 'The Persistence of Memory'
'Switched at Birth' High Five: 'The Persistence of Memory'
Here's your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from tonight's episode of Switched at Birth, "The Persistence of Memory."

Daphne is still deaf and while audiences have accepted and embraced it -- a huge coup for minority populations who don't usually see themselves in characters on TV -- Bay's school is not comfortable with it. Assigned an interpreter in a cooking class, Daphne bonds with Bay and overcomes the other kid's teasing. If the school can accept it, can her birth mother?

High Five Highlights:

5. And she cooks, too! Daphne takes a cooking class at Bay's school but the students aren't as welcoming to a deaf person as you would think in 2011 America.

4. Toby pays his debt. Gambling is a popular flaw to have on television dating back to the days that Brandon Walsh was addicted on 90201. (And if Men of a Certain Age is any indication, it's not just a teenage problem.) When no one will help him out, Toby steals a chemistry test in the place of paying back the money he owes.

3. Where there is smoke, there's... Daphne gets paired with the laziest person in the cooking class and when she can't hear the timer go off, she burns the French Fries (not the cuisine I would hope for a cooking class) and sets off the smoke alarm. The school then requires Daphne to have an interpreter in order to take the class.

2. Bay helps everyone. It's not surprising that Bay and Daphne's friendship, a twisted sisterhood of sorts, is helping both of them to succeed. Daphne is able to stand up to her school's "mean girls" when Bay and her talk through the problem. What is surprising is the connection between Bay and Emmett, who no longer seems anti-hearing girls as he once was.

1. Kathryn and John versus the world. After arguing for a cochlear implant for Daphne, Kathryn finally decides to learn sign language. When she and John decide to settle with the hospital, with information from John's friend who is on its board, they find out the hospital has rescinded the offer.


- What does the hospital know that John and Kathryn don't? And does it involve Regina and a guitar case mentioned by Emmett?

- Has anyone with a cochlear implant weighed in on this show? Just saying, they're popular among the deaf community and while feelings seem to strictly be on one end of the spectrum or another, it's hard to watch ABC Family not walk the middle line as they usually do.

Jennifer Leah Peck
Contributing Writer

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