'Switched at Birth' High Five: 'Potrait of My Father'
'Switched at Birth' High Five: 'Potrait of My Father'
Here's your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from tonight's episode of Switched at Birth, "Portrait of My Father."

Get out your Switched at Birth bingo card and put a chip down on Marlee Matlin guest stars! Four more squares and you have BINGO. Meanwhile, Bay wants to know who her father is, John pushes Daphne when he starts watching her basketball practice and the neighborhood starts to question the people living in the pool house.

High Five Highlights:

5.Who's my father? If I were Bay and I just pursued a DNA test and found out that my parents weren't really my parents, I was switched at birth by the hospital and I just met my alcoholic mother and the deaf girl who is my parent's real daughter, I might hold out awhile before I asked about my father, too. At least until season 2. Or hold back until Sweeps week.

4. What's the situation? No, not the dude from Jersey Shore. More like the cast of Big Love. Props to Switched at Birth to referencing polygamy as the two families stand in the courtyard between their homes and discuss what they want to tell the neighbors. It was a very Big Love moment, minus the Mormons, of course.

3. You can't buy me love. Or can you? The message is sketchy here as Ty has to cancel a date with Bay when his car breaks down and he can't afford to fix it. Or take Bay out on a date. So, Bay gives Ty the money who refuses it and, of course, is offended. But then Ty calls Bay and has her come meet him. And then, they kiss. Love is definitely in the air, whether it is purchased or not is left to be determined.

2. Liam wins over Daphne with his fried zucchini. Again.This show is all about the yin and the yang. Ty originally hang out with Daphne and Liam originally date Bay and now it's the other way around. (Babies aren't the only thing switched in this show.) So, while Daphne is mad at first that Liam didn't stand up for her when his friends were making fun, but eventually she comes around.

1.Marlee Matlin guest stars! No one would have guessed it would have happened so soon but Marlee Matlin, America's sweetheart and second runner up on this past season's Celebrity Apprentice 00 I'm sure Donald Trump thinks he is responsible for tonight's cameo -- shows up as Daphne's basketball coach and Regina's best friend.


- Did the neighbors really think Regina was John's lover and Daphne his love child? And are they going to really believe the switched-at-birth-story which, oddly, seems less credible than the above?

- Who is Bay's father? And, more important, who will play him on the show?

Jennifer Leah Peck
Contributing Writer

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