Swingtown: Getting it Just Right
Swingtown:  Getting it Just Right
The last I really saw Grant Show, he was the dreamy tenant on Darren Star's Melrose Place, which effectively became the adult version of Aaron Spelling's Beverly Hills 90210.  It's been a while since he was in anything that actually caught my eye but he's back now to set pulses racing anew on Swingtown.  As the name implies, CBS' brand-spanking new series is a throwback to the sights, styles, scenes and sounds of the `70s era that brought us music to swing to and the swinging life choices that went along with that colorful period.

Show and some of the Swingtown folk spoke to The Associated Press about finding the right balance to achieve a complete, authentic yet not over-the-top look and feel of the swinging `70s.

"Most `'70s movies and TV shows look like it's as if everyone went out and bought shag carpet yesterday," executive producer Allan Poul commented.  “We don't do that.  We want Swingtown to feel like the world as it was lived in for those of us who were alive during that time."

And, in the interest of credibility, some recreations of the period required daunting fashion statements and um, well, sacrifices.

"I probably have the worst wardrobe.  It's the most ill-fitting with the worst patterns and colors and the most nipple rubbage,” Josh Hopkins, who plays Roger Thompson, lamented (sorry bout that Josh).  “There's bad chafing, and it's always tight in all the wrong places.  What's sad is that I'm kinda getting used to it."

For his part, Grant Show has had to bring out the Burt Reynolds residing deep within him and sprout the trademark whiskers along with the perfunctory shaggy hairstyle.

"Anything else just doesn't look believable," Show told The Associated Press while on a break from filming their 10th episode.  "The whole time that you're wearing any kind of wig or prosthetic in a scene, you're thinking about it in your head.  You can't do this.  You can't do that.  You can't make out with somebody.  It's so much easier to just grow it yourself."

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: The Associated Press
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