'S.W.A.T.' Recap: Did Hondo Abuse His Position?
'S.W.A.T.' Recap: Did Hondo Abuse His Position?
Robin Lempel
Robin Lempel
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The S.W.A.T. episode "Blindspots" has the team take down a crew of bikers robbing pot dispensaries. But the real drama happens outside the case when Hondo is accused of misconduct and it starts to look like the only way to prove his innocence is to fess up about his relationship with Jessica.

The Pot Shop Attack

The S.W.A.T. episode "Blindspots" begins with a man named Tucker showing up to work with a gun and holding his co-workers hostage. He's looking for someone named Britney, but she's out with clients. He's pissed that he was passed up for a promotion for the third time for a woman and that he can't get into the "girls club," which is ridiculous. Luckily, the S.W.A.T. team is already scaling the office building. They storm in and take Tucker down. To wind down, they all start bragging and competing with each other, especially Street and Victor.

At the same time, a group of students go to buy pot at a dispensary when two bikers come in to rob the store and start shooting the place up. The students know they need to take action, so they attack the robbers, but one of the freezes up. All of them but that one guy wind up getting shot. That's when the team gets the call to come in. They soon realize that this is another in a string of dispensary robberies.

Hondo Gets Benched

While the team talks about the case, Hicks calls Hondo over and says someone filed a misconduct complaint about him and Hicks has to bench him. He and the whole team are shocked. But Deacon says they have to let Hondo deal with this the right way and quickly takes charge of the case.

Jessica, Hicks and another detective question Landry, the man complaining about Hondo. And things don't look good for Hondo. Landry says that Hondo came up to him in a normal car, (not a police car), searched his own car without a warrant, said that he "didn't want drugs in his neighborhood," punched him and then took his money as well as the drugs. Landry even describes what Hondo looks like and what he was wearing.

This doesn't look good for Hondo. And he's pissed. He denies ever seeing Landry before in his life. Hicks asks where Hondo was at the time, but Hondo doesn't say.

Jessica pulls Hondo aside and remembers that she was at Hondo's place with him at the time. She's his alibi, but she can't come forward because they've been breaking department policy by seeing each other. Jessica wants to come forward anyway, but Hondo doesn't want to ruin her career. He asks for time to figure out another way to clear his name, so she gives him until tomorrow.

The rest of the team also offers to help Hondo, but he says he can handle this himself and tells Deacon that "he's got this."

Jessica then talks to a man from internal affairs who says that this is a PR issue because Hondo's so well known. The department could put him on a desk for a long time or kick him out all together because of this. She also hypothetically asks what would happen if someone dated their superior. If one transfers and the couple admits to the relationship, it could be okay. If they keep it a secret though, it won't end well, especially for "her boss."

Hondo, meanwhile, realizes that Landry is super into drugs and probably owes a lot of people favors. He then goes to talk to the man himself. He accuses him of lying and says he'll prove it. Hicks and another detective walk in, though, and Landry says Hondo threatened him.

Luckily, another officer brings a drug dealer to Hondo and Hondo asks him about Landry. The dealer says that Landry's girlfriend was a huge druggie and that's how he got into drugs. She wound up going to prison though.

Jessica winds up going to Hicks and tells him she has proof Hondo's telling the truth. Just before she tells him everything and hands in her resignation, Hondo shows up and says he needs to talk to her. He got some information.

Landry's about to sign a statement, when he notices a woman outside the room and suddenly and shockingly says he wants to withdraw his complaint. He rushes out and the woman follows him, berates him, and asks what she did now. Hondo explains that was Landry's girlfriend's sister.

Will the Team Find the Suspects?

The team, meanwhile, have been working on the case. Deacon sends everyone off to search for the bikers and goes to talk to the survivor. The guy is totally traumatized but Deacon convinces him that he has to help the team in order to honor his friends.

At the same time, Street and Victor go to some bike repair shop and see a woman Victor knows named Allie. She knows crews similar to the robbers and they ask for her help, but she refuses. Let's just say that things didn't end well with Victor and Allie. She was an informant on a case three years ago and they hit it off. They talked about getting together once the case was over, but he totally ditched her. He says he understands she's mad that he ditched her, but he needs her help. It's risky to help the police, but he promises he'll make it up to her. She finally agrees but will only work with Street.

The student then comes up with a sketch of a suspect for Deacon. Meanwhile, Luca, Chris, and another agent get some clues. So, Street goes back to see Allie and says he understands her. She grew up in Orange County, but he knows that living in a good zip code doesn't mean you get a good life. He shows her the picture, and she identifies him as a guy named Kane. She also knows the woman he was with and another guy from their crew.

The team finds a location of a suspect, but Deacon wants to play it smart rather than go in with guns blazing. So Chris dresses in street clothes and pretends she's a neighbor who accidentally got the apartment's package. When the guy goes to take the package, they take him down.

They guy admits he sold the one of the robbers guns and something to de-electrify an electric fence. This means the bikers are probably going to try to rob another place.

Deacon says he and Luca will work the rest of the night while the others get some rest. So Victor goes to see Allie even though she said she'd only talk to Street. He apologizes and claims he cares about her. He says that they were in different worlds back then and she admits he made the right choice by ditching her. She says he deserved better than her and that they're both where they belong now. They wind up hooking up though.

The next morning, Allie gets a tip that the crew is robbing a dispensary. She tells Victor, who heads out. He promises to finish the case and then make up for the last three years.

Will the Team Take the Bikers Down?

The crew of bikers robs the dispensary, but the team shows up, chases them, and gets them despite the super cool bike moves the bikers do.

But one of the bikers reveals that all the money they stole is gone. Somebody ripped them off and Victor knows exactly who it was. He goes back to Allie's place to find her gone. She left him a note though.

Will Street Side with Hondo or his Mom?

It turns out, Street's mom was behind the complaint against Hondo. She's in the same prison as Landry's girlfriend and gave her drugs in exchange for Landry making the complaint about Hondo. Hondo tells Street about his meeting with his mom in prison a few months ago and everything that went down.

Street's pissed and goes to see his mom. But she claims Hondo's trying to come between them and told her not to contact him. Street asks her about the drugs, and she basically admits she's involved with drugs because you need power to survive in prison. She denies having anything to do with the misconduct charge, though, and says Landry's girlfriend had Landry do it to impress her because she complained about Hondo. She talks about how she's always on his side and she loves him and wants to make parole to be with him again. And Street totally buys it.

Will Jessica and Hondo ever come clean about their relationship? Will Street's mom turn him against Hondo? Leave your comments below.

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