Survivor: Was Rocky out of line at tribal council?
James “Rocky” Reid has been the token “love him or hate him” character on Survivor: Fiji this season.  The brash, loud Bostonian, who bears a striking resemblance to a young Sly Stallone, has made his mark on the season and his respective tribes by being loud, outspoken, unafraid of conflict and generally annoyed by others.  This has made him a villain for some, a simple nuisance for others. 

I've been a fan of Rocky since the first episode.  I can understand where the haters are coming from, but reality shows need someone who will forgo the filter that runs between you brain and your mouth.  Rocky has never even heard of such a filter.  If he thinks it, it will be spoken.  Granted, this is not an optimal playing style for Survivor.  Your strategy is basically shot, and his fellow Survivors are going to know exactly where his mind his leaning on all big decisions.  So, you've got to believe that Rocky's days are numbered. 

But, as I said, I like Rocky.  His thick Boston accent is amusing and it's been nice listening to him talk smack about pretty much everyone on the show.  That being said, his fiery, yet sedated personality has so obviously pissed off every one of his tribemates that, last night when Rocky's tribe booted Anthony, you could almost feel the regret in the air for not voting off Rocky. 

Why?  Well, Rocky decided to completely and brutally call out Anthony during tribal council last night.  He told him he had bad social skills, that he needed to improve himself as a person, and that he often acts like a little girl.  His main point (if there really was one) was that Anthony needed to fight more,  to not give up, to act like a man.  This is the sort of puff-your-chest-out machismo that gives frat guys a bad name.  Let him be, Rocky.  So what if Anthony is an introverted nerd?  There are worse things in the world to be.

I think he went overboard, and my opinion of Rocky plummeted after the tribal council.  I still like the guy alright, and I can attribute some of his crueler words to undernourishment and frustration over his 2,000th consecutive challenge loss, but it's close to unforgivable to verbally smash a man's kneecaps, like Rocky did to Anthony last night.

What do you think?  Did Rocky go overboard?

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer