Survivor: Tocantins: Previewing Episode 13 "The Martyr Approach"
The magic question: is Coach headed to the jury any minute now?  (I'm not saying "going home"--he obviously won't.  If he gets eliminated, sure, he won't win the million dollars, and probably wouldn't be successful in his stated goal of changing the game, but he'll be gazing at everyone over the next few Tribal Councils.  Anyway.)  After Debbie got the boot in last week's Survivor: Tocantins, you begin to wonder whether what he wants to happen is working.  Sure, it doesn't seem like it does, because we all hate him, but being the ones seated on the couch, peering at the screen and wondering what the hell is happening, well, it should make actual intentions, if any, clearer.  In his case, it isn't.  And, it's finally backfiring.

So Debbie went home last week, despite realizing, at the very last minute, that she's digging herself a hole if she continues sticking with the "Dragon Slayer" bladeedeebloo.  She thought she could stay with a solid alliance, and it did happen, but not until they were outnumbered.  Even worse for her, and for Coach, too, the rest are finding ways to grab control of the game--at least, if it all boils down to a face-off between either of Taj, J.T., Stephen or Erinn, it'll be more amicable, or at least more respectful.

Coach isn't helping himself, either, sticking to his guns and to his supposed alliances.  Sure, J.T. may be beside him, but you know he's acting on his own, too, and more so today.  And all the "Slayer" does now--or, at least, what we see--is meditate in the river, while thinking of stretching his body with his assistant coach.  Or I kid, right there.  But whatever.  I still don't like him, but weirdly enough, I don't want to see him go yet.

That, however, seems closer to reality.  Tonight's Survivor: Tocantins sees one castaway coping with a betrayal during last week's Tribal Council.  Why am I guessing it's Coach finding out what Debbie did?  You might also want to look at whoever goes to Exile Island, only because it'll be a pretty weird thing, and one with possible ramifications that will echo until the final three kicks in.  It all happens again from 8pm tonight on CBS.

Oh, and Erinn?  Yeah.

-Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Image courtesy of CBS)