Survivor: Tocantins: Previewing Episode 11 "They Both Went Bananas"
I shall complain again.  Where are the photos, CBS?

But enough of that, though.  If there's anything more important than getting up to date photos from Survivor: Tocantins, it's making sense of what's actually happening on the show.  So Sierra did get her second chance, quite barely--after all the desperation realizing she's banished herself into the fringes of the jury, she ended up wriggling herself out of elimination, and Tyson found himself leaving.  At least he returns well-shaven, clean, and with a fresher perspective of things.  Now, he said, he knows how it feels to be Brendan.

I have an admission to make: I haven't watched Survivor for what seemed like forever.  I remember dropping out a handful of seasons back, and I can't remember why.  Life got in the way, sure, but there's me feeling the show had run its course.  I got bored, or I was probably too young to comprehend back then.  Suddenly, watching this season, I'm getting far too amazed at the politics that's going on.  Imagine.  We were set up for a showdown in the early parts of the season, only to see it break apart after the merge.  One week, we had two sides fighting.  The following week, one of those sides was blindsided.  The following week (again), another one of the major players got tossed, in what seemed like an impromptu decision.  "Let's get Tyson out" spread quickly, and the next thing we know, he's enlightened.

So, sure, Survivor could be a hit-or-miss affair, but this season's proving to be one of the most interesting seasons ever--and I somehow regret saying the show bored me after, probably, nine seasons.  I'm quite a sucker for politics, and I don't know why.  All I know is, I'll get that dose of politics tonight, when nobody knows what exactly will happen--who holds the key now?  Usually quiet Debbie?

Judging from the episode synopsis, more blindsiding will happen on tonight's show.  "Two castaways sell out a former ally before turning on one another," it said.  I'm still going back to Brendan's obviously failed cross-tribal alliance--Taj and Stephen are getting restless, and Sierra's not any safer.  Oh, and they said one castaway will play the honest card, only to find it backfire.  I'm still guessing it's Sierra.  But predictability is, after all, the boon of the show.

Let's just say something will happen on tonight's Survivor: Tocantins, from 8pm on CBS.  That's easier.

-Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Image courtesy of CBS)