Survivor: Tocantins: Previewing Episode 8 "The Dragon Slayer"
By now we all should know the significance of the immunity idols scattered around in Survivor: Tocantins.  It’s playing out quite beautifully, so far, with those who know about it, although foreshadowing somehow killed the shock with JT finding out about Taj possessing one of the idols.   Like, it happened so quickly, and things were achieved quite fast, although we all know that’s not all there is to it, considering the merge.

So it’s funny to see their method to throw off Joe.  A fake immunity idol changes the game yet again, but I don’t know—I was actually laughing.   Here he is, a gullible cartoon character something—or, at least, he seems to be that way—getting his hands on the idol, surprised at how easy it went, without even hinting some skepticism over it.  Then again, things do turn out different when you’re out for survival—take your cue on the show’s name.

Things almost got pretty complicated, even.  Joe wanted to keep Sydney—I don’t know why, but anything that’s fuelled by half-infatuation is futile, and trust me on that—to the point of considering giving her the “idol”.  Oh, you’re starting to feel bad for him and his Looney Tunes-like scenario, but you’re probably rooting for the cross-tribe alliance forced by Taj and Brendan to not break apart, at least before the merge.  And Sydney finds herself tossed out.

The merge finally happens tonight, and for now it feels the alliance will hold.  But things are bound to go wrong in tonight’s episode of Survivor: Tocantins, and everything might fall apart before it could even begin.  I guess the solution to these problems lie in what happened last week: don’t be arrogant like Coach, and keep the burgers close to you.   They’re good picker-uppers.  It’s all about the food, sirs.

As for the rest of tonight’s episode?  Whoever gets exiled will discover something pretty shocking.   That’s tonight from 8pm on CBS.

-Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Image courtesy of CBS)