Survivor: Tocantins - Episode 5 "You're Going to Want That Tooth" Recap (Page 1/2)
Survivor: Tocantins came into the night all square.  Timbira had four players, Jalapao had four players.  While it's certainly felt like Jalapao was the stronger, more harmonious tribe, it hasn't exactly mattered in the immunity challenges.  Now with gummy nutjob Sandy out of the picture over at Jalapao, is Survivor: Tocantins Jalapao's for the taking?  Tonight's Survivor episode featured a modern day toilet (hooray!), disoriented castaways and the loss of a tooth, hence the episode's title.  What follows is a recap of the night's events.  Read, enjoy, comment, mock - whatever tickles your fancy. 

After Crazy Sandy Burgin got the ol' heave-ho, we watch Stephen Fishbach itch Taj Johnson-George's back while she makes orgasmic sounds.  Very disturbing.  Taj is very confident in the 4-way cross-tribe alliance.  Steve and Taj go searching for the hidden idol.  They molest the statue until Taj gooses it and rips the hidden idol out of its butt.  Success!  Taj enlists Stephen to protect the idol, because no one will suspect the Jewish guy.  Sorry – actually, it's because he has pockets. 

Timbira prepares for another day of life in camp.  Brendan and Sierra find some alone time to discuss the secret alliance that Brendan forgot to tell her about.  She's not really mad, and she's on board.  Brendan has the immunity idol, remember.  Sierra lucked into something good, and she's a wee bit arrogant about it.

Reward Challenge:

Coach makes a snide remark after seeing that Sandy was eliminated.

The challenge is played in rounds.  In each round, one member of each tribe is seated on a spinning platform.  One other member of each tribe starts at the finish line, sprints to the spinning platform, picks up a rope and sprints back to the finish line, spinning their tribe member voraciously in the process. The spun person has to race their counterpart to a finish line by walking on a balance beam.  If they fall off, they have to go back to the beginning of the beam.  One point for each win, first team to three wins the reward: A trip to the Charmin Cafe, which has coffee, pastries, and a modern toilet.

Round 1: Joe pulls Taj.  Brendan pulls Tyson.  Tyson takes it nice and slow, and ends up winning the heat. 

Round 2: Stephen pulls Spencer.  Coach pulls Erinn.  Both fall off on their first try, but Spencer wins it.  Tied one to one.

Joe spins JT.  Sierra was pulled by Tyson.  JT dominated, Jalapao up 2-1. 

Stephen pulls Sydney.  Coach pulls Debra.  Sydney comes back to beat Debra, and Jalapao wins.

Timbira sends Brendan, and Brendan decides to bring new alliance member Stephen with him.  Tyson is suspicious of Brendan and his connections with the Jalapao members.  He thinks something might be up. 

Jalapao arrives at the Charmin Cafe and stuff themselves with goodies.  Lots of pastries.  There is a nice toilet at the Charmin Cafe, which will make everyone happy, because they will definitely have to poop a lot later.  In addition to the food and toilet, Jalapao receives letters from home.  There is a crying session.  “Most important reward,” yeah yeah yeah.  You've been gone for less than two weeks, kids. 

At Timbira, they discuss why Brendan may have picked Stephen.  Coach thinks that Brendan has an advantage with the relationships he's forged over on Exile.  Coach fancies himself an amateur meteorologist.  A nasty storm hits the tribe.  “Coach is kind of a jackass,” says Erinn.  Understatement of the century, ma'am.