Survivor: Tocantins - Beware the Dreaded Clip Show!
Survivor: Tocantins took a break last week thanks to CBS's March Madness coverage, a break that has become commonplace for Survivor every spring.  Throughout the tournament, CBS has been pimping this week's episode of Survivor: Tocantins, which is airing on a special night.  Well, that night is tonight, a Wednesday.  Jeff Probst can be seen in the promos, calling tonight's a brand new episode.  Unfortunately, Jeff is lying to all of us.  How could you, Probsty?  Survivor: Tocantins is indeed airing an episode tonight, but it is of the dreaded clip show variety. 

The Clip Show, once a staple of 80's era sitcoms, has largely gone the way of the newspaper, slowly becoming extinct as viewers eventually got too smart to fall for the old clip show trick.  Yet, CBS is doing it with Survivor this week, and it's surely going to piss off a lot of fans expecting a truly new episode.  CBS has played coy, not admitting outright that tonight isn't actually a new episode, the only place you can find out that tonight is a clip show deep within TV listings or on your digital cable guide.  It's a disingenuous move by CBS, and something that was wholly unnecessary. 

“The First 15 Days” is the name of the episode, and it will feature highlights from the castaways' first two weeks out in the Brazilian Highlands.  Sure, there will be new footage that was previously edited out, but is than enough to necessitate this clip show.  I can understand CBS not wanting to put a brand-new episode on a Wednesday when Thursday has long been Survivor's home.  There's nothing wrong with a two-week break, especially when the reason is the NCAA Tournament.  But, there is no need to advertise the episode as new without admitting that it's a look back that the season so far.

Nonetheless, be warned.  Don't go in expecting a couple of challenges and a tribal council.  No one is going home.  We don't want you to be disappointed.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of CBS)