Survivor: Tocantins - Season Finale, Live Thoughts (Page 1/5)
Survivor: Tocantins, another thoroughly entertaining season of the long-running reality franchise, ends tonight with a three-hour extravaganza.  James Thomas Jr., the southern cattle rancher, appears to be the favorite going into tonight, but nothing is for sure.  If we're to avoid an anti-climax, Taj and Erinn will have to join forces and attempt to break up the unbreakable man-pact between J.T. and Stephen Fishbach.  Although there's something to be said for the most deserving castaway winning a million dollars, the finale would become infinitely more interesting if J.T. was the next person voted off.  So, please, saddle up and join me for three hours of Probstian glory.  I will be here for all three hours, blogging my little heart away. 

The finale kicks off with an exotic bird soaring over the Brazilian highlands.  Majestic.  Probst narrates the history of this season, and we get that long recap of the season thus far.  The most surprising thing about the season right now?  That Erinn Lobdell is still in the game.  Nothing against Erinn (I think she's smarter than people give her credit for), but it's a big upset that she's still around.  I suppose it's also surprising that Jalapao didn't immediately get wiped out after the merge. 

"Dragon Slayer makes his Dragon Cane."  These are words to live by, everyone. 

I could watch Erinn and Sydney Wheeler tussle in the water in slow motion all day.  J.T. is going to win this thing, right?  Everybody loves J.T.  The jury will vote for him if he makes it to the final tribal. 

After voting off Coach, the final four congratulate each other on making it this far.  J.T. is already thinking about the jury vote.  Stephen worries about the jury vote, since he was the one who voted Coach off.  He knows that J.T. will come off looking better than him.  Stevie hints that he's not opposed to getting rid of J.T.  He needs to think about who he can beat in the final tribal council.  If he were smart, he'd try to bring Erinn.  Even if he does stab J.T. and Taj in the back, I think they'll understand and still vote for him over Erinn. 

Day 37

J.T. is pumped about the "masterpiece" of what the three Jalapao members have done.  Stephen and Taj vaguely float the idea of voting J.T. off.  They don't think they can do it.  But I bet they can.  A spider is left in tree mail.  It's a clue!

Immunity Challenge

It's a tarantula shaped obstacle course.  They have go through some netted tubes, race over a big abdomen net and collect a bunch of puzzle pieces.  Once they've acquired all of their pieces, they have to solve a spider-shaped puzzle.  Not sure where this spider theme came from.  J.T. flies through the course, which is no surprise.  I suspect the puzzle will be pretty difficult, though. 

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