Survivor: Tocantins - Episode 9 "The Biggest Fraud In The Game" Recap (Page 1/2)
With Joe Dowdle helicoptered out of our lives, depriving all of us Survivor fans of a Merged Tribe Tribal council last week, it has actually set up a pretty cool scenario for tonight's episode.  With a back-stab blindside set up and rarin' to go last week, will all the key players remain true to their plan to remove entrepeneur Brandon Synnott from Survivor: Tocantins, or will the castaways get antsy, forge new alliances and pick on someone else?  No matter what, after watching tonight's episode, my love for Benjamin "Coach" Wade has not increased.  He's still one of the best villains we've had in years.  Below you will find a recap of tonight's events.  Please enjoy.    

Six Timbirans to three Jalapoans.  These are tough odds, regardless of the alliances formed last episode.  Poor Joe Dowdle.  That's the worst way to go. 

Night Twenty One is where we begin.  The Forza tribe is all a bit down about Joe leaving.  In the middle of the night, Benjamin "Coach" Wade decides to try and cheer everyone up with a story.  And, oh what a story it is.  Unfortunately, it's complete BS.  Coach says he got airlifted into the Amazon jungle near the Peruvian border and was then captured by arrow-wielding natives who tied him to a pole and beat him with clubs until he blacked out.  Then he escaped.  The tribe is silent after that story.  Coach, are you sure you're not just remembering the opening scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark?  No one believes his stories.  What a delusional nut job. 

The next morning, Coach once again is finding peace with the planet, doing his Tai Chi or whatever.  The tribe watches on with continued disbelief.  JT believes that his alliance with Coach, Stephen, Tyson and Debbie is still alive and strong.  Coach says his routine is called Chong Ram, which is ancient and Tibetan and is only passed down orally, which is why you can't google it.  Riiight. "Sierra is the bowel movements that come out of the dragon," says Coach about Sierra.  He says this because Sierra said Coach looked funny doing his routine. 

Erinn is upset Joe's gone.  She tells JT she likes the Jalapao members more so than her original tribe.  It's pretty clear that Erinn wants to join JT.  JT is cool with replacing Joe with Erinn. 

Reward Challenge

Forza is divided into teams of three.  There are a bunch of wooden blocks with breakable tiles on top of them.  Teams take turns throwing balls at the other tribe's blocks.  The teams look like this: Debbie, Brendan and JT on one.  Coach, Tyson and Taj on another.  Stephen, Sierra and Brendan on the other.  Coach, Tyson and Taj's team are eliminated first.  The last two teams are tied with one tile left.  Each team cracks the other team's last tile, but neither falls in.  Brendan knocks out the final tile.  He, JT and Debbie get the reward.  They decide to send Stephen to Exile Island.  "Be the wizard," Coach tells Stephen as he leaves his tribe.  WTF?

The reward is a river rafting trip and a picnic.  Coach is pissed he didn't get to go. 

Stephen is the first person to enjoy Exile Island by his lonesome.  There's no new idol or anything.  He's had a hard time making fire in camp, and he has a hard time making at Exile as well. Finally, after over an hour of trying, he gets a fire going.  "It was like giving birth to my first child," he says.  Let's not go overboard, sir. 

The river rafting trip looks pretty damn fun. Brendan takes an immediate liking to JT and his joyous ways.  The picnic is enjoyed by the trio as well.  Beer is on hand.  Brownies, sandwiches, etc.  JT, as well, enjoyed Brendan's company.  Brendan starts talking shop with JT.  He wants to take JT to the finals, maybe.  Brendan takes a philanthropist's approach to the game, telling the camera that if he gets to the finale and gets someone like JT the million dollars, he'll consider that a victory.  Of course you feel that way, man, you're a millionaire.  That being said, I respect that point of view.