Survivor: Tocantins - Episode 12 "The Ultimate Sacrifice" Recap (Page 1/2)
Survivor: Tocantins is still graced with the presence of Coach Benjamin Wade, and his Coach-ness infiltrates every second of every episode.  He's a psychopath in a number of ways, a sad character in others, and sometimes just an honorable goon.  I'm not convinced he's actually a good guy, but he does make for good television.  In tonight's episode of Survivor, we got the Survivor auction (one of my favorite events of any Survivor season) and the visit from family members (not one of my favorite events).  Last week, Sierra went home in a blaze of glory.  Who would follow her lead tonight?  Read on to find out.

Stephen congratulates everyone on making the final 6 after tribal.  Coach, however, is pissed that Erinn and Taj voted for Debbie and Stephen.  Debbie tells Coach to let it go, relax, forget about it.  He calls them cowards and flips out.  Debbie is over the whole Coach thing, and tells this to the tribe.  Meanwhile, Coach crazily mutters "Cowards, cowards, cowards..." by himself in the dead of night.  Coach's brain isn't right.  

The point is, Coach has gotten it into his mind that Taj has to be the next target.  And, as we know, when Coach decides something he's going to run with it.  This means that tonight could come down to Coach vs. Taj, good news for the rest of the tribe.  

Day 31.  That's a long time.  Debbie kicks it off by admitting that her being attached to Coach isn't a good thing.  She decided that she needs to step up, kick Coach to the curb.  Too little, too late, if you ask me.  J.T. is on to her, and calls Debbie a "loose cannon."  Stephen makes fun of Debbie to J.T.  He's really tired of her.  Debbie was painted as completely likable throughout the season.  These last two episodes, however, have unearthed a clearer portrait.  Not that she's a bad person.  Just really annoying.  Maybe.  Stephen too is worried about Debbie's potential gameplay.


I love me a Survivor auction.  $500 is doled out to each contestant.  No sharing of food, no pooling of money.

Bowl of Fries - Debbie gets it for $120.

Chicken Parmesean and Glass of Wine - Coach outbids J.T. at $320

Mystery Item - $160 to J.T.  Turns out that it's nachos. J.T. is happy.

Mystery Item - $100 to Stephen.  Chicken Hearts.  Jeff says it's a delicacy in Brazil.  Stephen dutifully eats the hearts.

A Phone - This is the last item.  You can pool money for this one, but only one person can get to use it.  They get video messages from home.  Everyone gives their money to Taj as she cries and cries.  Good for her.  She left a little baby at home.  We see a video from Taj's family.  Eddie George, always one of the good guys of the NFL, says his piece, and it's very adorable.  Seems like a really great family.  At the end of the video, Eddie says "See you back at camp."  Taj doesn't realize it at first, but when it sets in she goes wild.  Eddie George will be back at camp.  

But, there's a catch.  Either Taj can see Eddie at camp, or she can go to Exile with Eddie and allow the remaining castaways to see their loved ones at camp.  Taj quickly accepts, obviously, and heads off to Exile.  This is cool, but I was hoping to see J.T. nerd out while meeting Eddie.  

Taj finds Eddie on her way to Exile and they have a loving embrace.  "Golly, you look bad," is the first thing he says to her.  Awesome.  Then Taj tells us that the first thing she wanted to do was take him into the woods and have a conjugal visit.  

The other five castaways come back to camp and embrace their loved ones.  Debbie has her husband there.  Stephen has his brother, and they have an extremely emotional embrace.  J.T. has his little sister there.  Erinn's dad is there.  He's proud of her ability to survive.  

HAHAHAHAHA!  Coach's loved one?  His assistant coach.  Perfect.  He tells his assistant Coach that he's running the game and they call him "The Dragon Slayer."  And, then he helps Coach crack his own back.  It's very homoerotic.  

On Exile, Eddie starts a fire with ease. He's proud of Taj.  I love these two.  Good people.  

Here's the thing - it's only been a month, which isn't very long.  These castaways always get ridiculously emotional.  The reason has to be the lack of food and sleep.  Erinn is the only one who has stayed sane, which makes me like her a lot more.  But, it's clear that thirty days into Survivor, everyone is on their own emotional brink.  Everyone has a teary goodbye.  Eddie says goodbye to Taj.  Now, she has to live a couple of days on Exile.