Survivor: Tocantins - Episode 11 "They Both Went Bananas" Recap (Page 1/2)
Coach got played like a fiddle last week as his running mate Tyson Apostol was blind-sided by the Jalapao crew on Survivor: Toacantins.  How would the Dragon Slayer react?  Will Sierra fold?  Read on to find out.

Right after the tribal council, Sierra makes it clear that she was totally expecting to be eliminated.  J.T. and Stephen explain their piece to Coach and Debbie, and those two play it off like they're not mad about Tyson.  Coach, especially, acts like it was a great move, but you know he's steaming inside.  Or, maybe he really is somehow impressed.  You never know with Coach and his delusional self. 
The next morning, Debbie kisses Stephen and J.T.'s asses.  Hard.  She asks them what the next move is - they say Sierra and then Erinn.  Debbie discusses the sitch with Coach.  She is pissed about Tyson's elimination, and knows that an alliance with J.T. and Stephen is destined to fail.  They think their best move is to rejoin the remaining Timbira members.  Yep, I'm sure Sierra wants to align with Coach at this point.

Reward Challenge

Hey, it's like Big Brother.  Everyone has to fill out a questionnaire about their fellow tribe-mates.  Jeff tallies the answers, and then asks the castaways who they think the consensus answer was.  After every question, the people who answered correctly get to machete one of three ropes designated for each contestant.  Last player with ropes left wins.  It's a fun little challenge. The winner gets to go to a Fervadora, which is a Brazilian spa, plus receive a home-cooked Brazilian meal.  

First question, "Who hasn't lived up to their potential?"  Answer, obviously - Coach.  Even Coach gets it right.  

First person out of the challenge is Sierra, which makes me believe that no one likes Sierra at all.  She must be getting a pretty positive edit.  Coach is the second player out, Debbie the third.  J.T. and Erinn knock each other out on the next turn, leaving only Taj and Stephen.  The final question - "Who would you least like to see win Survivor?"  The answer is Sierra.  Ouch.  Stephen wins the reward.  He sends Erinn to Exile Island, and decides to bring Taj and J.T. with him for the reward.  It's an interesting choice strategically, because it allows Coach, Debbie and Sierra to ponder and scheme.

Taj, Stephen and J.T. enjoy the bountiful home-cooked meal.  Stephen is impressed with the spread, especially with the fruits and veggies.  One of the little girls in the family falls, hits her head and Taj goes into mommy mode, then starts crying about her own children and family.  The Fervadora is this milky water spa thing with some sort of quicksand on the bottom.  

The three have a power talk.  Sierra is the obvious play, but Stephen brings up the possibility of ousting Debbie.  They assume that Erinn will be on their side.  Meanwhile, Erinn at Exile gets hit by brutal weather.  It looks absolutely, horribly miserable.  Erinn is actually pretty proud of herself for getting through the awfulness of it all.  

Coach gets on Sierra's case.  Debbie does to.  Everyone hates Sierra, but she explains the situation to Debbie, who is as cranky as we've ever seen her.  Debbie storms off, all pissed off.  Sierra told her and Coach to shove it when they asked Sierra to join them in taking out Jalapao.  Interesting stuff. Sierra is probably gone if she goes against Coach.