'Survivor: South Pacific' Reunion Recap and Season 24 Preview
'Survivor: South Pacific' Reunion Recap and Season 24 Preview
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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The finale of Survivor: South Pacific was full of turns as Ozzy returned, got voted out and, in a somewhat surprising result, medical student Sophie Clarke won the million dollar prize over Coach and Albert.

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Following the two-hour finale, the castaways of Survivor: South Pacific reunited with Jeff Probst to go over the season. Here are my highlights:

-Sophie Clarke reveals she's even more deserving of the win than I initially thought by explaining that she saw the religious framework other people built and used that to her advantage. She basically saw what other people's motivations were and used that to her benefit. It's a smarter game than we saw.

-Sophie also has a great head on her shoulders, acknowledging that saying a reality show changing your life sounds stupid, but it's true. I love this woman even more hearing her talk outside of the game.

-Jeff Probst polls the jury and reveals that Coach would've won if he'd taken Rick and Albert instead of Sophie and Albert. We also learn that Ozzy would've won if he was in the finale.

-There was a lot of talk about religion at the reunion, not just from the Upolu daily prayers or Brandon and Albert's devotion, but Ozzy, who finds God in nature.

-Ozzy acknowledges that Sophie was the only person who could've beaten him in a challenge, saying she's one of the smartest people to ever play the game. Wow, that's high praise.

-Ozzy spends about 10 minutes talking about how awesome he is. I'm so over Ozzy-Palooza.

-Cochran is even nerdier than we thought as he actually wrote papers at Harvard Law School comparing the Survivor jury theory to America's judicial system. Also, his voice sounds a lot deeper now, like he finally hit puberty since the show finished taping.

-Cochran invites people to "come at" him in terms of dating because he's single. He seems like he came through this experience a much better and more awesome person than he probably was before.

-Brandon admits that his family did not approve of him on the show. I can't determine if they're not cool with how he played the game or the fact that he acted like a total creepazoid.

-Russell Hantz pops up and criticizes Brandon's entire game. The audience boos, but they're clearly morons because Brandon's game WAS terrible and the Hantz family name definitely isn't better off with Brandon as its ambassador. I do not understand how the whole audience is on Brandon's side. I wish they'd ask Mikayla her thoughts, since Brandon spent most of his time leering at her.

-Ozzy wins the Sprint Favorite Player honor and $100,000. Of course he does and it was by the biggest margin ever. If Jeff Probst wasn't lying, it's slightly shocking that Cochran was the runner-up.

-Whitney and Keith are an adorable real world couple who have the potential to make some insanely beautiful babies.

-Speaking of babies, Edna got pregnant when she got off the show.

-Stacey and Christine are now BFFS, and that's a VH1 reality show I'd watch.

-Like me, Jeff Probst loves Jim Rice, and Jim says that his biggest mistake was trusting that everyone was there to win the game, which he was, because people like Cochran only wanted to last as long as they could without thinking about the endgame. Thank you, Jim, because if everyone they cast on this show thought like he did, it would make for some of the most insanely awesome twists, backstabs and blindsides. Jim deserved so much better than this crappy season with these crappy people.

Survivor Season 24 Preview: One World

The 24th season of Survivor, which returns in February, is subtitled "One World," and it's because there's a pretty cool twist. Both tribes will live together. I like it, especially since it's almost what I suggested, which was to have everyone live together, but also to change up the teams at every competition (which, sadly, will not happen). Also, there was no mention of Redemption Island or returning players, so I hope both of those are gone in favor of this new twist.

It'll be cool to see if one tribe can influence the other and it could also create some cross-tribe alliances early on. I'll be curious to see how all of that plays out, and hopefully having preexisting relationships between the two tribes before the merge will rectify the Pagonging problem.

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