Survivor: Samoa: The Loneliness of a Former Marine Corps
Sure, I understand where Russell (the one from Galu, note) was coming from when he decided to send Shambo back to Foa Foa and, as a consequence, deprive her on well-marinated and hastily-grilled meats.  But I feel bad for her all the same, and not because she badly needs her proteins, or so she claims.

Must be because there was a time when I was the one left out of a group.  That sucks, knowing that you can do these things for everyone, but nobody wants you around anyway, because of this and that.  The "90210 clique" has been pretty hard on her, it seems: when she flubs something she's at the receiving end of a punishment, but when everybody else does just that, they're a little bit nicer.

No wonder she's seeking solace back at Foa Foa.  Sure, part of it's because she's just in a different demographic than the rest, and she finds a stronger connection with the folks at the beleaguered yellow side--a group that accepts and appreciates her more.  I think she felt happier when she was sent back to Foa Foa last night, never mind that she's running on empty, because sometimes an emotional boost is all you need to spruce up things.

But despite that, I feel sad for her, because she's just digging a deeper grave for herself.  You see, it's certain that Galu thinks they can go on without her--more so now that Dave has been tagged as the tribe's handy man--and then there's the fact that Foa Foa probably doesn't want her around, too.

I'm not saying that they're just being nice whenever she's around--I think they're genuinely in love with her--but she's not really part of their ecosystem, and unless she proves herself big time, her supposed refuge won't do her any favors.  The Foa Foa guys hold a strong position; the ladies are in danger of being decimated.  Galu's up against her, too, partly because she flubbed a few critical things, and partly because they just don't like her and cannot admit or deal with it.  In other words, she's pretty much alone now, and only time will tell if she goes.

Unfortunate, but all of the people I like on Survivor end up going early anyway.

- Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Image courtesy of CBS)