'Survivor: Samoa' Recap: Chickens, Headless Chickens and Flying Chickens
I think there was a collective sigh of relief when Ben was voted off on last week's Survivor: Samoa.  That, and the feeling that we've lost perhaps the most annoying person on the island this season--that, or we forgot who Russell is.  He flipped sides too, after all.  Or, we don't have an idea as to how the others are.  Can't blame them.  All but one of Galu is on a roll.

Tribal council (on night 8, oddly) was a very stressful thing for Jaison.  "Coming here is the worst decision I have made in my life," he said, still reeling from whatever Ben did, to the point that he couldn't sleep.  Bald Russell, of course, will play it against him.  "What kind of man is that?" he said, before angling to kick him out because, it seems, he's not willing to play the game anymore.  Or that's how it looks.

Back at Galu, Shambo's got separation anxiety.  Obivously she loves Foa Foa a lot.  "I have a following there," she says.  Suddenly Erik and John approach her, asking for clues to the hidden immunity idol on their side of the island.  Smart, these two.  She willingly gives her clues, thinking it'll help her more than harm her.

Jeff must be on holiday, because today's reward challenge is a self-assembled one.  Three members from each tribe were asked to go to the beach: Mick, Russell and Natalie for Foa Foa, and Russell, Shambo and Dave from Galu, thinking it's a puzzle of some sort.  At stake: chickens in a cage, and after awkward silence, they all scramble for a piece--until they realize that a chest nearby has the instructions.  There's a flag in the middle, and whichever tribe throws a ball closest to it wins the food.  Foa Foa led the game for the most part--"I can taste the chicken in my mouth," Mick went--until Dave tosses one last ball and knock's a yellow ball out of contention, giving them yet another victory.

While the challenge is going on, and everybody else is asleep, Erik attempts to find the hidden immunity idol on their side of the island.  So he's presumed that the clues at Foa Foa also apply for the one at Galu?  Turns out he's right--he does find it.  "Nobody has any clue that there's even one here," he goes, before hiding it under a rock and hoping he'll use it in the final days of the game.

The chickens arrive and everybody's really happy, or hungry, or something.  Shambo, as always, was assigned to keep watch over them, but her "country girl" sensibilities somewhat failed when she thought chickens didn't fly--when one of the chickens got away and found itself on top of a tree.  "It's like Twiddledee and Twiddledum," Dave says, looking at Shambo and Erik run around like crazy.  They all end up staring at the chicken, up on the tree, hopeless, sort of.  They have an egg, at least.  And a couple more chickens.

Back at Foa Foa, everybody's disappointed about the defeat, but in Jaison's words, "I just wanna survive for another day."   Russell senses that his alliance with Jaison is in danger, because it seems he doesn't want to hang on anymore.  He revives his "secret alliance" with Natalie (yes, the "dumb blonde") and there's no resistance... except for Natalie thinking she can beat Russell because she's not ruffling feathers early on.

Jeff finally makes it to the immunity challenge, and it's a simple case of team work: they have to make two tall box stacks, but not after going through a net walk and a rope bridge.  It's dead even for the most part, with Galu breaking away at first, and Foa Foa catching up later.  It all boiled down to the final box stack, when Monica dropped her boxes at the last minute.  Foa Foa, finally, wins immunity.

All of a sudden, Galu is a headless chicken running around, with two different ideas as to who should get voted off.  Russell wants Monica kicked out, because of her dismal performance during the challenge.  Kelly wants to see Yasmin out, thinking she's only "acting like a princess" and doing nothing to help out.  Russell wants it his way, arguing that Yasmin steps up during challenges: he tells Erik, "they better listen to me or there'll be some serious ass-kicking."

That's pretty much how tribal council went: Yas argues she hasn't shied away from work, doing what others ask her to do, while Monica argues that she did a good job at the challenge and doesn't sit around pretty.  Galu kicks out Yas, though, with only Shambo and Russell supporting her cause.

Next week on Survivor: Samoa: the best way to go through monsoon rains in Samoa is some crushed-up odd stuff, and perhaps the warmth of a good argument.  Go ask Russell and Liz.

- Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist