Survivor: Samoa: Galu's Deadly Overconfidence
The big story on Survivor: Samoa this week, of course, is Ben finally getting eliminated--and I'm happy, because it'd be a shame to see Jaison walk just because he couldn't stand him.  But I won't be talking about that.  Instead, I'll be talking about the tribe that, according to Jeff Probst's pretty funny intro montage, is full of "sunshine and rainbows": Galu.

The fact that we haven't heard much about the purples is down to the fact that everything is going well in that tribe.  It seems like the surprisingly perfect scenario for any Survivor contestant: you get along with your tribemates, you find resources quickly, and you win immunity most of the time that you don't have to worry about angling for your continued existence in the game.

Although of course, doing yoga already bordered on ridiculous--I understand what Laura meant when she said their relaxed demeanor as of late is a huge advantage against eternally-stressed Foa Foa, but Shambo does have a point too: you cannot just rest on your laurels.  They've gotten too comfortable, to the point that nice Russell chose pillows over camp gear, and definitely not because he wants to make everyone happy, but because he thinks they don't need all those tools.  Ah, but we can do this and do that and then relax.  Well, we'll see.

Foa Foa may be a mess right now--three consecutive Tribal Councils and one member kicked out by doctors--but, as cheesy as this may sound, all these tribulations will mean a stronger tribe.  Or, at the very least, stronger contestants.  Once Galu finds itself in the uncomfortable position of having to vote someone one, it'll be a much bigger mess.  Suddenly, they'll have to address everything that they set aside because they were too busy doing yoga.  Foa Foa?  It'll be intense, sure, but it's easy because the framework's already laid down, and everybody is on their toes constantly, they're less prone to mistakes.

In other words, Galu will crumble once things get totally wrong.  It's like having all these fats in your body getting in the way on a lap around the oval with a fit guy.  It's hard.  Worse, once the tribe does shed all the things that they don't know are getting in the way, they'll be so disoriented that they won't be able to work properly.

So, what exactly should happen?  Just stop being so ridiculously overconfident and start working.  Start proving yourselves that you deserve to stay.  Else, I won't be surprised if Shambo suddenly has the upper hand.

- Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Image courtesy of CBS)