'Survivor' Recap: Women Start Winning!
'Survivor' Recap: Women Start Winning!
I was approaching tonight's Survivor: One World with just a little bit of dread. I wasn't sure if I could take another night of the girls losing every challenge and then whining about everything. But, other than a few complaints about the cold - hey ladies, this is Survivor, not America's Next Top Model - the girls were whooping it up with cheers and yells about winning some challenges - finally!

Get This Through Your Skull

Ewww! I'm grossed out when the two tribes run a race that involves handling human skulls! At least the women win. They then try their hand at catching fish by using the fishing stuff they won from the challenge. Although they only catch a few small fish, at least this is something productive and they are actually cooking and eating. At first these girls had trouble even making a fire.

I think it's nice when the men come over to congratulate the ladies on their fishing. But, as Troyzan says to the camera, this win makes the guys a little nervous.

Roosters Versus the Chickens

Matt makes the mistake of being a little too nervous about the girls' sudden winning streak. He starts this totally stupid rant about the men's tribe being roosters and the women being mere chickens in comparison. According to Matt's bird brain, the men are naturally better. Troyzan nods, but later tells the canera, he can't stand anything that Matt said. Troyzan goes to tell Colton and the other guys about Matt's tirade.

Blind Ambition

Phil and Sabrina are chosen to call out commands to their blindfolded teammates during the Immunity Challenge. I think that the Challenge is going to be crazy hard since it's a puzzle one and they're blindfolded, but then I realize that the blindfolds only have to be worn when gathering the bags of puzzle pieces.

At first, it looks like the guys will win as they have four bags to the girls' one. But then the gap narrows and the girls have three, while the guys get the five needed bags of puzzle pieces. Through a lot of smart solving, the girls solve the puzzle first and win! Jeff Probst call the win a "huge victory" and the guys aren't pleased. I am. The ladies deserved to win.

Tribal Council

The men gather to vote off one of their own. I just hope it isn't Troyzan as he's starting to grow on me. He's sensible and not sexist, so that's find by me. I'm glad that Troyzan's name isn't written on any cards - not that I thought it would be. Matt gets one vote - yay! -- then Colton and Bill - boo! -- then the last three are to boot out Matt and it's so great that he's going home. Rooster, your goose is cooked!

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