'Survivor' Recap: Two Dead Ducks Waiting for a Gunshot
'Survivor' Recap: Two Dead Ducks Waiting for a Gunshot
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Now that supervillain Russell Hantz is gone, life on Survivor: Redemption Island has gotten a lot harder for his two ladies. Krista and Stephanie teamed up with Russell right away, but without him, they're just two sitting ducks. If they make it to the merge, they vow to switch sides and join Ometepe. But that's a big if.

The Duel

After winning his first two duels, Bible boy Matt Elrod defeats Kristina to remain victorious on Redemption Island. This guy is a force of nature, but if he keeps winning every single duel and eventually comes back into the game, whoever's left would be completely foolish not to vote him out right away, because he's proving that he is a threat to win every single competition you put in front of him.

After Matt's victory, Russell's acolytes, Krista and Stephanie, confess to their rivals that they hate their own tribe and will be willing to jump ship at the merge. The rest of Zapatera might want to consider throwing two more immunity challenges to cut that traitorous deadweight.

The Lord of the Crabs

On Ometepe, Ashley and Natalie are the non-working girly girls, who Phillips compares to crabs. Upset with their laziness, Phillip and Andrea form an uneasy alliance and talk about adding Matt if/when he comes back into the game. Meanwhile, Phillip sees himself as a Lord and Rob as the King, so he's waiting for his chance to overthrow the dictator. Newsflash, Phillip: At best, you're the court jester.

The Immunity Challenge

It's the old challenge where everyone is blindfolded except for one caller who leads his tribe to collect puzzle pieces before the caller solves the word puzzle. Turncoat Stephanie leads Zapatera while Boston Rob takes control of Ometepe, as usual.

Boston Rob puts all his eggs in Grant's basket while Stephanie is pretty good at yelling at her tribe and putting them in their places. Letting her lead is a good strategy because she's desperate to avoid losing since she is definitely on the chopping block if they go to Tribal Council.

While Stephanie does her best, in the end it's Boston Rob, the master puzzler, who wins in a rare victory for Ometepe. Zapatera is left with sour grapes that they didn't let David do the puzzle.

Tribal Council

Losing an actual challenge isn't so bad for Zapatera, because there's a solid six-person alliance and two total outsiders in Krista and Stephanie. The dead ducks in question roll over very quickly, knowing there's nothing they can do. They whine about how the rest of the tribe isn't thinking about the future, but from where I sit, getting rid of two people who are definitely going to turn on you after the merge is a good idea.

At Tribal Council, the ducks try to put some doubts into the minds of the rest of the tribe, but it's all pointless. In the end, even though Stephanie lost the challenge, the tribe sees more promise in her than her partner in crime.

Krista is voted out 6-2.

The dead ducks can quack all they want, but I think the Zapatera 6 are playing a pretty good game for now and so long as they don't lose more than one extra challenge, they could go pretty far.

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