'Survivor' Recap: Tarzan Causes an Uproar
'Survivor' Recap: Tarzan Causes an Uproar
This week on Survivor, it's the final episode before Sunday's two-hour finale! Who will be the final five? Is this the week that Tarzan gets voted out, or will the women continue to vote themselves out?

Last Man (Still) Standing

Late night after Kat's elimination, Tarzan and Kim talk game. He tells her that the final four should be himself, Kim, Alicia and Christina and says he can convince the jury to vote for her. They both agree that Chelsea is the biggest threat. Off camera, Tarzan says even if he makes it to third and loses, it won't be so bad. He just won't buy shocks for his car. Oh, Tarzan.

Spin to the Finish

The reward challenge up for grabs: An overnight stay in a yacht on the ocean, complete with cocktails, a shower, fresh clothes and a three-course meal at sunset. The survivors have to race to release a disc by spinning it until it comes lose. They have to collect three and form a decoder that gives three numbers that solve a combination a combination box.

Everyone is dizzy and looks slightly nauseated. Chelsea and Alicia are the first two up at the combination decoder trying to put the right sets of numbers together. Chelsea wins! Of course, she gets to take someone. She gives a speech about how there was so much backlash at the last reward challenge (Kat not taking Tarzan and Christina), that Chelsea says she's taking Sabrina because she's equally exhausted and hasn't eaten. When she's allowed to take a third, she goes with Kim.

Tarzan's Game Outed?

Back at camp, the talk among Tarzan, Christina and Alicia is taking Chelsea out. They agree that it's the three of them versus the three at the reward challenge. Tarzan's working all the girls, telling Alicia, Christina and Kim in private that he's going to talk them up to the jury. You just foresee this coming to bite them in the butt. Sure enough, when Kim, Sabrina and Chelsea come back, Kim, Alicia and Christina swap stories and realize that Tarzan is playing all of them. Still, Alicia really wants to get rid of Chelsea.

Hook ... and Sinker

In the immunity competition, the survivors have to pick up a bag of puzzle pieces with fish hooks and connect the pieces into a giant fish -- all with one hand tied behind their backs.

Kim and Alicia have the early leads, with Tarzan dead last. Is he throwing the competition because he think he's safe? I sure hope not.

Kim has a huge lead on everyone -- she's the first person to finish two of the three sets of puzzles but she can't seem to hook the final puzzle bag, and it allows everyone to catch up.

Alicia ends up winning mere seconds over Kim.

Chelsea or Tarzan?

Kim pretty much tells Chelsea that she (Chelsea) is who the "other side" wants to get rid of. Kim's challenge, she tells Chelsea is that she needs to be sure that the other side is actually thinking of getting rid of her because she'll have no choice but to side with them. Why put herself in the line of fire for no reason, if Chelsea's already pre-determined to go? Meanwhile, everyone's weighing in on Tarzan, whether it's the right time to get rid of him or whether they should continue bringing him along because he's so aloof. Or is he?

Tarzan goes a little crazy and puts on Kat's clothes, including her underwear on his head. It's more bizarre than funny. The women are flabbergasted, but Tarzan doesn't seem to think there's anything wrong with it.

Tribal Council

At tribal council, the women are subtlety alluding to the fact that Tarzan's time might be up. When it's brought up that Tarzan was wearing Kat's clothes, the camera goes to Kat, who's wiping away tears. Are those tears because her poor clothes ended up on Tarzan's body or the fact that someone who would put on her clothes is still in the game? Probably the latter.

Tarzan also admits in front of all the men he helped vote out that he, indeed, was helping the women get rid of them one by one.

And the Seventh Jury Member is ...

Everyone votes Tarzan, except for Tarzan who goes with Chelsea. It's not not much of a surprise after the women figure out Tarzan's game. Was he playing too aggressively? Or was he just naive in thinking the women weren't going to swap stories?

I love that the final thing he does after getting voted out is not thank the women, but instead, he belts out a nice Tarzan cry.

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