'Survivor' Recap: Losing is a Winning Strategy
'Survivor' Recap: Losing is a Winning Strategy
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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This week on Survivor: Redemption Island we get the first duel between the two eliminated castaways. We also see Russell, who is surrounded by his two goddesses just like Charlie Sheen, as he faces a tribe so eager to get rid of him that they're willing to throw the immunity challenge.

Sometimes on Survivor plans never work out, but last week Boston Rob played the game to perfection, and this week we find out that Russell is the opposite of Boston Rob. Russell might have two goddesses, but he is definitely not WINNING.

The Duel

Two castaways from each tribe get to go to Redemption Island to watch the duel between Matt and Francesca. While Franchessqua gets off to an early lead, Matt makes an epic comeback and wins the chance at redemption while Francesca goes home for good. At least Phillip won't have to try to pronounce her name anymore.

The Immunity Challenge

Zapatera is sick and tired of Russell and his two Sheen-like goddesses Stephanie and Krista, so they decide to use the risky strategy of throwing the immunity challenge just to vote Russell out. It works at the challenge as Ometepe finally wins.

Back at Zapatera, the plan is to split the votes between Russell and Stephanie in case they have an immunity idol, but Russell's plan is to win over Julie to his side and blindside Ralph.

Tribal Council

Russell and Stephanie seem overly cocky the entire time, like they know they have Julie in their back pocket and that they're about to pull off a great move. But it fails and the first vote comes up a three-way tie between Ralph, Stephanie and Russell. The look of disappointment on Russell's face is priceless as he realizes he's been tricked and is going home.

In the revote, it's a clean sweep and Russell is voted out.

So throwing the challenge worked perfectly, big bad Russell got taught a lesson and these Zapatera people proved they're a lot smarter than they look, because even though Jeff Probst thinks throwing challenges is bad, going into a merge with Russell is even worse.

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