'Survivor' Recap: Life Without Colton Is Much Less Drama-Free
'Survivor' Recap: Life Without Colton Is Much Less Drama-Free
Life As One

On the surface, it looks like the two disbanded tribes, Salani and Manono will stick together. But each side also discusses men vs. women behind the scenes. Tarzan clues Michael in on this plan, and it erupts later into a Tarzan/Jonas spat. Another point for Michael getting a fight started. Later though, when Jonas feels the heat of possibly going home, he apologizes to Tarzan, who cries over it. I can't figure Tarzan out. He seems to take things personally, and is really for the being honest thing. Does he not realize what game he's playing?

Digging for It

For the reward challenge, the competitors get randomly put into two "tribes" for this competition only. It's Alicia, Jay, Sabrina, Chelsea, Christina and Troyzan on one, and Leif, Kat, Michael, Kim, Tarzan and Jonas on the other.

They have to dig through an obstacle, collecting bags of puzzle pieces and put the puzzle together.

Host Jeff Probst had the best line of the night, when describing Leif's efforts of barely digging through the sand and then having difficultly going under the obstacle and emerging on the other side: "Like a turtle birthing out of the sand." It was true though. I figured because Leif was small, he'd be able to wiggle his way under better than anybody else. But he had a hard time digging through the sand, then didn't dig enough, so it took him forever to get through. It looked a sure victory for the other team.

But then Sabrina also struggled near the end, which allowed Michael to make up for a ton of lost time. By the time Christina/Troyzan and Jonas/Tarzan worked on the puzzle pieces, the two teams were neck and neck.

Hidden Idol

Why they left the old man with possible memory issues to work on the puzzle is beyond me -- but then, I can't imagine him being all that successful in the obstacle course either. Anyway, Tarzan kept getting distracted and talking to Jeff (which the host called him out on), and maybe if he spent less time making comments, his team would've won. But Christina and Troyzan pulled through with the win.

It was nice seeing Christina get the win and redeem herself from previous weeks. I don't know where Christina and Alicia stand together, but they pulled it off, and enjoyed their pizza and beer.

The reward also came with a secret note, which said this group is the only one to know there's a hidden idol. They promise not to tell the others about it, but I wouldn't be surprised if some, especially the women, did. Maybe I'm underestimating them.

Playing for One

During the immunity challenge, each person is fighting for immunity for themselves. An easy-looking competition: Balancing small balls on a plate, without letting them, or you, fall. Of course, it brought about some pretty cheesy/lame ball jokes, that broke some of the competitors' concentrations. With each round, another ball was added, until the last round, where there were three.

Tarzan is the first one out in the first round, almost immediately. Is this guy ever useful?

The final round consists of Troyzan, Alicia, Sabrina, Jonas, Kat, Jay and Leif. Troyzan and Kat have a good battle going at the end, but Kat just falls off her stoop, leaving Troyzan with immunity.

Top Threat?

The No. 1 threat in this game -- Jonas -- is brought up as a person to vote out. (That was sarcastic.) But it's probably not a bad idea, as his niceness and him keeping everyone fed, could have pushed him farther. But the women want a guy out, and it looks like they'll pluck off a Manono member. This will disrupt the numbers, as the women will have more on their side if Jonas gets voted out.

Jonas is pushing for Kat to get out, or Michael.

Turning Against Each Other

At tribal council, Tarzan and Jonas have another spat. It's like Tarzan can't keep his mouth shut -- about anything. And why Jonas threw Michael under the bus, I don't know. The men are sealing their own fate by turning against each other, and the women didn't even have to do much!

Leif (aww) and Jonas are the only ones who vote for Michael, and the rest vote out Jonas, who tells the group, "Good luck with the food situation," as he leaves.

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