'Survivor: One World': Does Kim Have Magical Powers?
'Survivor: One World': Does Kim Have Magical Powers?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
After the second episode of Survivor: One World, I wrote an op-ed entitled "Are the Women Doomed?" Oh, how wrong I was.

Instead, this week proved that the women are running the show as Kim stepped up to become the master of the Island. To defend myself, I think everything that has happened is a direct result of Colton and his idiotic decision to convince his tribe to give up their immunity. Colton sabotaged the men and divided them while the women were united.

But back to Kim, who proved that she truly deserved the top spot in my post-Merge predictions about who will win. Not only does she have a hidden Immunity Idol, but she also had two huge alliances and made a big move this week.

Kim had two solid alliances. One was with the women (an alliance that, like a set of Russian nesting dolls, has several sub-alliances within it). The other was the reformed Salani tribe where four women united with Troyzan, Jay and Michael.

This week, to improve the odds of her women's alliance, Kim masterminded a plan to get rid of Michael, arguably the most physically powerful threat. With the ease of someone whose played Survivor before, Kim went to Troyzan, told him that Michael wanted him out (which he didn't) and got Troyzan to flip on a member of his own alliance.

This is where I believe Kim has magical powers. There's no apparent reason for Troyzan to believe her lie, yet he ate it up like it was a steak washed down with a nice, cool, refreshing, delicious, sparkling, amazing, fantastic, stupendous 7-Up.

But Kim's magic act was not complete. When Jay started to smell something rotten with the women, he went to tell Michael. One word from Jay could've torn down Kim's entire house of cards. But Kim swopped in, cut Jay off mid-thought (a shame because he doesn't seem to have too many to spare) and told them to vote out Christina. And then Jay and Michael totally bought it.

Seriously, what form of sorcery and witchcraft does Kim practice? Not only did she turn Troyzan, but she was able to quash any attempt at a revolt with one quick word.

Even more remarkable is the fact that Jay actually went along with Kim's original plan in the end and voted for Michael. I'm not sure what happened between Jay's desire to warn Michael and Jay voting for Michael, but I'm guessing it involved some hocus pocus from Kim.

The problem with the vote is that Christina and Alicia voted against Tarzan. If they weren't with the other four women in this vote, can Kim really count on an all-female alliance?

If she can, she has already won the game. If the six women stay together and get out the men, then Kim has a five-woman alliance with Christina being the odd woman out (the Edna of the group). Then she has the reformed Salani four, leaving Alicia on the outside. Then she established a final three deal with Sabrina and Chelsea, leaving Kat out in the cold.

So if Kim can keep using her magical powers to convince everyone to go along with her plans, I don't' see how Kim could possibly lose. There might be a rebellion against her, but I'm not sure the brain trust of Jay, Tarzan and Kat can possibly compete.

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