'Survivor: One World' Best Tweets: 'It's Human Nature'
'Survivor: One World' Best Tweets: 'It's Human Nature'
I love how everyone is afraid to make moves late in the game nowadays! (Sarcasm) I thought there was something brewing with Tarzan when the girls got rid of Kat. My dream of alliance switch ups within the final 8 was almost coming to fruition. But, lo and behold, Tarzan was the next one voted out. 
Tarzan was one of the only interesting parts to this lackluster season. You could always count on him saying something that made you laugh, wearing a ridiculous outfit or just looking like someone who truly does belong stranded on an island. He was a sight to be experienced. Like Philip on Redemption Island, there can only be one Tarzan. Here are the top 10 tweets about this week's episode: 

#10. @Bravejayhawk: Alicia & Christina are brain dead... They're paranoid they're being played that they cost themselves the best chance to win.

- Yes, these two are brain dead to the extreme. 

#9. @JeffProbst: The more Tarzan loses his mind the more entertaining he becomes... and now he's angry. Watch out. 

- It's a shame that we lost Tarzan. He was starting to show signs of strategy and looked like he was poised to give a well thought out speech during the final tribal.

#8. @Salmonsportsguy: YES!!!! CHELSEA in the shower...

- Sometimes I wish Survivor was broadcast on HBO. 

#7. @Jkpage00: And this is why I'm not a die hard Survivor fan anymore. Alicia should have been gone weeks ago, but everyone is so stupid.

- This terrible cast is slowly eating away at my fandom as well. Let's hope the next two seasons are dynamite. 

#6. @Robcesternino: And that is exactly NOT how to pick people to accompany you on a reward at the Final 6 on Survivor.

- Another example of people not knowing how to play the game. How do you not take Alicia and Sabrina to the reward? What was Chelsea thinking taking her two main allies?

#5. @Lisapapp: Alicia is the Queen of the Social Game???? Really? Apparently she is the Queen of Delusion.  

- Ugh. Alicia is so annoying. I'm at the point where I mute her one on ones. 

#4. @Kchilders: I wonder if the Survivor contestants are given razors? Kim has a full-fledged mustache, Alicia's armpits are hairy but Chelsea's are smooth.

- Laser hair removal? I personally wasn't checking out Alicia's pits. So, I'm going to have to take your word for it. Kim's mustache on the other hand. Yikes!

#3. @Swandie27:Was that Mike who flipped the bird?? That's more than he did while he was in the game!

- Classless gesture on his part. Seems like he is still bitter at being targeted early on after the merge. He needs to grow up. 

#2. @Boxhounds: Sigh of relief* I'd be okay w/ Kim, Chelsea or Sabrina winning. Think since day 1 I've always respected Sabrina's SBD approach.  

- Agreed. Any of those three I'm fine with. Just not a big fan of SBDs though. They tend to sneak up on you.

#1.  @Wesdorne: GF just said, "I think Christina went on Survivor to lose weight." Hopefully she does back to back seasons to accomplish that goal!

- Thanks God for the finale on Sunday!

Wes Dorne
Fan Columnist

(Image courtesy of CBS)